New Pop Tune from Funeral Advantage

Listening to this new single Funeral Advantage, it reminds me that one can elevate the sounds of bedroom pop. The recording is a touch quiet, with the vocal resting deep in the heart of the mix. But, that being said, the accompanying music shines really brightly, allowing the song to take on a strong indiepop sound…basically guaranteeing enjoyment for my ears. You’ll find the song available on the new Please Help Me EP, which is written as a piece about hope, about coming out of the dark side of a confusing world. It’ll be released by The Native Sound on February 24th.

The Native Sound Sign No Sun

nosunThe Native Sound burst onto the indie scene within the last few years, but these last few months have seen the label kicking some ass, and picking up great acts left and right. Their latest, No Sun, have signed on to release theirIf Only LP in January. The band have an adaptive sound, drawing equally (at least to my ears) from modern emo and shoegaze; it definitely draws you in with the shimmering distortion while the vocals calmly lull you. While it all comes rather quickly, the song fades out into a creative little amble, which proves to me they might have something quite unique up their sleeve when the LP comes out…guess we’ll know in January.

More From Plastic Flowers

plasticflowersThere are some bands you just gravitate towards, whether that’s nostalgia or the band’s sound, and Plastic Flowers happen to be a bit of both. They’ve got this slightly indiepop leaning sound…warm vocals, one step below danceable and twinkling guitars…that fits my nostalgia. But, their way of combining these sounds and never becoming tiresome or weary has made them incredibly endearing over the last few years. This great little number appears on the new 7″, which is being released by the increasingly reliable The Native Sound. Get into it below.

Listen to New Tunes from Sheer

sheerCalifornia’s Sheer are prepping the release of their new 7″ for The Native Sound, who will release it some time in August. I dig the band’s sound, bringing back a more alternative sound that’s not often utilized, contrasting a pristine female vocal with shimmering buzzsaw guitars; it’s as if Mazzy Star decided she wanted to sit back and jam with members of MBV. There’s a little bit of restraint too, allowing to maximize the song’s pop sensibility that pervades. Just really dug it, so felt like sharing it with you all.

New Single from Vow

vowAnother week, and another track from rising label, The Native Sound: Vow’s “Green Light”. Musically, Vow often times resembles the construction of Beach House, though they seem to have polished off those atmospheric edges in favor or more direct contact with the listener; there’s an immediacy that comes with the delivery of of Julia’s powerful voice. It even takes a nice turn in the latter half of the song that recalls the early days of Metric. Ultimately, it leaves you with this soaring bit of indie rock that you’ll spin time and time again. Look for the band’s debut LP, Kind Eyes on May 27th.

Listen to Lost Film

lostfilmLost Film is part of the rolling machine that is The Native Sound. The label’s got some good stuff coming out lately, and this is just another one of those that I think will get at you. You’ll find that the majority of the song can easily fall under the category of casual pop, relaxed and steady, working around central melodies. But, there are a few moments when the guitars swell into your ears, then settling back into it’s steady brood. This track will appear on a brand new 7″ that was recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks in Boston; it’sup for pre-order HERE.

Soulful Pop Vibes from Divino Nino

3-Panel_JCard_FRONT_AIRemember those early Little Joy or Rodrigo Amarante tunes that seemed to dance around nostalgic tropicalia, but with a fresher tone? That’s exactly what I hear in the newest single from Divino Nino, who also have some Latin roots to add…thus the band name. It sounds a lot like a really hip lounge singer who spends his weekends hanging about town playing in a psychedelic band; there’s just little doses of reverb and twangy wash, but not enough to detract from the central focus. Look for the group’s new album, The Shady Sexyfornia Tapes, which comes out on May 13th via The Native Sound.

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