Show Pics: The Ocean Party @ Cheer Up (2/28)

Our friends The Ocean Party made it to the US again to do a spell of touring. Their reason for coming to Austin was to visit sports bars, wear thongs while riding bicycles and crush some chicken-fried steak. Since that was all easily accomplished in a single 80’s montage, a show was in order. Given the affection we have for the Aussie’s, it would be natural to want to see them at a friendly venue with a friend-filled lineup. Cheer Up played host and joining the bill was Daphne, Summer Salt and Shivery Shakes.

I have a great big gallery of photos to share after the break along with a few comments.

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Show Preview: The Ocean Party Comes to Cheer Up Charlies (2/28)

I encourage you all to head out tomorrow night to Cheer Up Charlies. There’s a huge line-up of great pop music, some of which I’ve had a hand in putting out on vinyl. For instance, we’ve helped The Ocean Party from Australia put out Light Weight in the US, and this might be one of the few chances you get to see the band live! Second, you’ll have Shivery Shakes and Summer Salt, both perennial pop powerhouses who we’ve released stuff from in the past (and present). Plus, you’ll get to hear Daphne, which is Santiago from Growl‘s other project, as well as Summer Swells. You won’t find a better bill in town, and it’s free, with donations highly encouraged to help out The Ocean Party while on tour in the States. Sample some tunes below, and see you tomorrow at 9 PM.

The Ocean Party Release US Tour Tape

You’ve heard it many times, we love the Ocean Party. So much so, that we helped release their Light Weight LP a few years back. The band returns to the US, and with them, they bring a new collection of perfect pop in the tape format…courtesy of Emotional Response. These 9 tracks are the perfect introduction to the group’s casual pop appeal, in case they haven’t hit your radar just yet; some of the tracks are more developed, while others are just brief ditties. If you visit the purchase link below, you can see the tour dates, which, luckily, feature a great Austin date at Cheer Up Charlies next Tuesday! Pretty sure you’ll love the track “Surat” by the way, as its my favorite this morning.

Brand New Music from The Ocean Party

oceanpartyIt’s that time of month where we give you more new music from our favorite Aussie’s, The Ocean Party. The band’s been pretty prolific, getting an album a year out, including last year’s Light Weight, which we helped find a home in the States. Here they are set to release their newest, Restless, and the titular track illustrates how much they’ve grown as a band; the production and accompaniment on this track alone demonstrates what a huge pop group they’ve become. Restless is being handled by Spunk; it will have a worldwide release on September 30th…get ready for another album of great tunes. And! If you’re in the States, look for the band to head our way soon!

New Music from the Ocean Party

oceanpartyLast year we released Light Weight on our ATH Records label, but the boys in Ocean Partynever stop writing great songs, and they’re already back with another album for Spunk Records. It’s a spirited number, further displaying the band’s growth; they no longer sound like just another bunch spewing the dole wave gospel, but rather a fully formed collective of great pop songwriters. Maturity might be the best word, but no one’s worn it better than these lads. Oh, and they kicked out a great video to go with the song that you can check out over HERE. Restless will come your way later on in this year, with a US tour scheduled for early 2017.

Jam Fresh Tunes and B-Sides from The Ocean Party

MANDNI was over the moon to have a hand in releasing the last album from The Ocean Party, Light Weight (buy it HERE). But, much as I’ve come to expect from the group, they’re already writing new songs and offering you some other little bits to entice you to fall in love with them. Some of these tracks are left from the batch that made up Light Weight, while others are versions that are likely to appear on their next record. Each track is worthy of listening, and they’ll all appear on the Mess & Noise Critics Poll 2015 tape…being released on February 29th. Need pop music today? You won’t find much better! Stream it all below.

New Video from The Ocean Party

oceanpartyHave you not realized how great The Ocean Party is yet? I think, in my opinion, people will be clamoring for their back catalog in a short time, as the band continue their rise by crafting incredible pop songs. This new video is from their latest effort, Light Weight, which we are handling for them over here in the US. On this track, the title track from the record, I think the band are successful in just giving you pure pop bliss; it’s one of the songs on the record that you might skip at first, but find yourself proclaiming it as one of their best in the long run. If you want a copy, pick it up HERE.

ATH Records 2015 Wrap-Up — Looking at 2016

athrecordsWe’re about to move forward to a new year, so I wanted to take a brief look back at our ATH Records releases in 2015, and give you a hint at what’s coming your way from us in 2016. We only had a few releases in 2015 (3), but we’ve already got four on the slates for 2016, so let’s look back and hint at what’s next. I threw in some songs so you could see/hear what we’ve been doing. Make sure to go like the bands on FB (it’s sad that it helps) and if you’re inclined, you can like our FB Page too.  Read more

Stream (and buy) the New LP from the Ocean Party

11856249_10153084418697263_15473172251284196_oUntil earlier this year, we’d kept out ATH Records label rocking the Texas scene, but I’m really pleased that we’ve been able to step out and take on the Ocean Party for their US release. Front to back, Light Weight is a remarkable listening, showing the maturity and the pop sensibility the band has long been honing in Australia. If things go the right way, this should be one of those records your friends will tell you you should have grabbed before it went out of print. To see where I am right, stream the entirety of the LP below. If you’re in love like I am, you can grab it HERE or HERE; it should arrive and ship out this week

ATH Records to Work with The Ocean Party

oceanpartyUp until now, I’ve stuck mostly close to home for releasing records via ATH Records, and I’ve been really proud of that.  But, every once in a while, you have to step outside your comfort box and do something big.  So, I’ve decided to work with Spunk Records and the Aussie outfit, The Ocean Party.  They’ve already got a couple of great releases to their name, which we’ve covered on our site, so I’m really happy to be part of this new effort, Light Weight. The album will be out in October, but for now, you can grab a download of their excellent first single below.

Check HERE for updates and other ATH Records releases like Rose Sélavy/Templo X and the Lochness Mobsters (both out this week).

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