Fresh Tune from the Orchids

We’re just a year or so removed from The Orchids 30 Year Retrospective, and it’s great to see the band have new music on the very near horizon. In fact, they’ve recently released the first single from their forthcoming 7″ for WIAIWYA. It’s a mild-mannered pop song, mostly sitting back and allowing the harmonies to do the work over soft percussive elements. The vocal display, of course, has that luxurious contrast between male and female bits…James’ voice always sounds so friendly and familiar, like all those times my father sang with his guitar around the house. Anyways, another great Sarah Records survivor with new music for us; they’re new 7″ drops on August 7th.

New Music Premiere: The Orchids “Hey Sometimes!”

orchidsThose of you looking for something perfect, something pop better listen up.  Today you get to hear the first single from legendary indie poppers, The Orchids. The last time I heard from them was their marvelous 2010 LP, The Lost Star, but as they ready the release of Beatitude #9, we bring you this single.  It carries the band’s typical soft underbelly in its harmonies, winning listeners over with guitar parts that seemingly trickle in step with each melody.  There’s a simplicity to the approach, asking followers to let themselves be absorbed in the craftsmanship of the band.  Look to get your hands on the album on October 21st via Acuarela.


Download: The Orchids – Hey! Sometimes! [MP3]

New Music from The Orchids

I’ve fallen in love with The Orchids over the past several years, so I’m glad my special order of their latest album, The Lost Star, finally came in the mail.  I haven’t spent a lot of time talking about this band, but rest assured that those of you in the know of twee pop will surely adore their work.  Now, for me, twee doesn’t have a negative connotation; it means sincerity combined with honest pop, and that’s always where my heart has been at.  Give The Orchids a chance here, and make sure to check out their back catalog if you dig the new stuff.  This isn’t going to let you down.


Download: The Orchids – She’s My Girl [MP3]