Another Proper Ornaments Single

We’re not too far away from the release of Six Lenins, but this is the sort of single that keeps me coming back to the Proper Ornaments. The musicianship is crisp, falling under the vein of that sort of post-psychedelic vibe where guitar notes get sharper and melody gets just a bit more focus; they wind it all around this propulsive backbeat. Plus, the breathy vocals really add an extra element that gives the song this natural sense of longing/searching; it’s as if the song is out looking for its best friend, and that friend is me. Look for the new LP to drop via Tapete Records on April 5th.

The Proper Ornaments Drop Please Release Me

On the latest single from the Proper Ornaments, the group has come back to the slow burning pop style that turns magical on dreary days. A piano line (or two) walks this track along, allowing plenty of space for the amble atop the mix. There’s a slight uplift, an added synth sound, during the chorus, elevating the vibe, albeit momentarily. It’s a pretty tranquil number, however, seemingly built on the tradition of pop music from the 60s, where the focus is on budding harmonies that blossom and bloom in your speakers. The group will release Six Lenins on April 5th via Tapete Records.

Brand New Music from The Proper Ornaments

Those of you still distraught over the disbanding of Ultimate Painting will be more than happy to know that The Proper Ornaments are still going, which is James’ other band (among many). They’ve got a new record titled Six Lenins, with the first single a song for John Lennon. Interestingly, it’s almost a bedroom pop hit. Sampled percussion and keys walk you into the track, working mostly with the the rise and fall of the voice; there’s some guitar work, but it’s not the dominating feature of this tune. There’s something subtle about this track, unassuming in its presentation, you’ll find it seeping into your soul like only the best tunes can. The album will drop on powerhouse label Tapete Records on April 5th.

More New Proper Ornaments Tunes

This new track from The Proper Ornaments starts immediately, wrapping you up in the warmth of the band’s approach immediately. There’s a really nice contrast in the vocals, sounding sedate during the verses, with a bit of a brighter tone in the chorus (which totally sounds like a nod to Oasis by the way). Songs like this, steady and impactful have really made huge waves in this neck of the indie sphere, so we aware that everyone will eventually come around to praise these guys. Look for their new LP, Foxhole, on January 20th via Slumberland Records.

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More from The Proper Ornaments

properWith the success of Ultimate Painting and Toy, it would seem natural that folks would clamor to hear music from The Proper Ornaments, a band made of bits and pieces from the above acts. Yet the band seems indifferent to accolades and buzz, just trucking along with really incredible bits of songwriting and pop sensibility. I like the texturing working beneath the rad sounds of the guitar; they’re either using a cabasa shaker or a rain stick, but it fits into the track seamlessly. It’s hard not to be impressed by songs before you, so if you’re into that buzz, then be sure to look for Foxhole on January 20th via Slumberland Records.

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Another Track from The Proper Ornaments

properThose who’ve been carefully following the underground realm of pop music surely have heard the whispers about The Proper Ornaments.  The band’s often thought of as a side-project for members of Veronica Falls, but you can tell the guys put some time in on the recording of their latest LP, Wooden Head.  There’s nostalgic odes to the past, clever bits of current pop and pretty much as complete an album as you’re likely to find this year.  Slumberland Records continue their summer hit list by releasing this album on July 8th.  Join the club, love this band.


Download:  The Proper Ornaments – Magazine [MP3]


New Music from The Proper Ornaments

properornamentsI don’t want to seem like I’m barking up the Slumberland Records tree, but they have yet another great band to work with, The Proper Ornaments.  This is one of those bands that I feel like has been vastly underrated throughout their short existence.  But, certain circles of pop aficionados, myself included will swear by the band. They’ve just signed on to release Wooden Head on July 8th, and I assure you, that such care will be placed on these songs that you’ll find it virtually impossible to ignore each track.  It’s a little twee, a little like Real Estate, and a whole lot of amazing.  Check the first single:

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Light Pop from The Proper Ornaments

properornamentsI think I’ve finally found the group that can replace the Lucksmiths in my category for favorite easy listening act: The Proper Ornaments.  There’s an airy quality that captures my soul, yet I’m still intrigued by the quiet swell of praise the band is getting beneath the radar.  The song below magically appeared in my inbox labeled as “Anthology,” and it appears on the group’s upcoming release Waiting for the Summer on Lo Recordingsyou can hear the whole LP at the label’s page  But, checking in, the band are recording a video for another single that’s not on that release, yet came with my email, so I’m streaming that one; it’s called “Imagination.”  Here’s the two tracks. And the story probably doesn’t matter as much as the great tunes.

[audio:] [audio:]

Download: The Proper Ornaments – Nervous Breakdown [MP3]

Fresh New Music from The Proper Ornaments

properornamentsA few years ago, I was haunted by the music of the Proper Ornaments, which is odd, considering they only had a handful of tunes available.  But, our friend Toby at Finest Kiss pointed out that the band had a new single, and an upcoming LP on the way.  What I like about the band’s direction is their inclination to slow things down a bit, in comparison to early works; the melodies are softer and the guitar seems to carefully traipse about in the foreground.  It all leaves you with an airy listen, yet comes across just as powerful as the early workings of the group, if not more so.  Enjoy this single: available on Lo Recordings.

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Incredible New Pop from The Proper Ornaments

Don’t you love when you run across an incredible pop tune that you just can’t get out of your head?  This new self-titled EP from The Proper Ornaments is absolutely incredible, and you can definitely find yourself getting carried away listening to it on repeat.  For me, it reminds me of a smoother Beach Fossils, with the same sort of drum beat and jangle to the guitar lines, but the vocals definitely are a lot gentler.  Those in love with all things jangling and twee will find themselves falling head over heels for this record, so head HERE to get yourself a copy.


Download: The Proper Ornaments – Who Thought [MP3]