ATX Show Preview: The Paul Collins Beat @ Hotel Vegas (TONIGHT!!!)

paul-collins-beat-record-fair-650x800It’s Thursday, and we should rejoice that our weather here in Austin has been pretty phenomenal while others are burrowing beneath blankets of snow.  So, celebrate by heading out to Hotel Vegas tonight to catch The Paul Collins Beat.  Paul was one a member of power-poppers The Nerves, not to mention this new group The Beat (renamed due to some English band). But, I implore you to get there early as the opening acts feature some of my local (and regional) favorites.  I can’t tell you many more times how much you need to see Jonly Bonly, let alone buy their album, Put Together.  Then there’s the Ugly Beats, who consistently win fans all about town.  And, just before Paul takes the stage, you’ll be treated to The Rich Hands…they’re a San Antonio act who we’ve backed since they first walked through our doors.  This looks like one of those shows everyone will be talking about at the water cooler, so don’t miss out.

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Show Preview: The Rich Hands Album Release @ Hotel Vegas (


Date Saturday. May 24th
Location Hotel Vegas
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets $5

One of our favorite acts of the last few months, and really for the last several has been San Antonio’s The Rich Hands.  We caught up with them before they came to kick it in Austin for SXSW, and we’ve covering their singles leading up to the release of Out of My Head.  Good news! Not only is the album out, but they’ll also be celebrating its release this Saturday night at Hotel Vegas.  They’ll be joined by ATH faves, Grape St, as well as other acts we support like Lochness Mobsters, Rolland Hazzard, Mitch Frazier and His Radiation.  The show’s cheap, and the music’s great. Be sure to buy the album from the band…gas to San Antonio is expensive!

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More New Music From The Rich Hands

Promo_Choice_4San Antonio band The Rich Hands have received quite a bit of praise on this site and the boys are excited to share even more new music with us today.  This new track “So Fine” is yet another garage rock inspired punky tune that is hard to not like.  It’s fun, energetic, and worthy of repeat listens.  We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

New album, Out of My Head, is due out May 6th on Burger Records/Fountain Records.

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Have Fun With The Rich Hands


We’ve been hyping up local San Antonio boys The Rich Hands for awhile now and we’re excited to call these almost locals ATH approved.  You may have heard their style before, but I think the guys are providing a fresh take on the indie-pop genre.  Expect quick, guitar driven songs complete with short and catchy choruses to make music in your ears.  I can’t find any reason not to like this.

New album, Out of My Head, is due out May 6th on Burger Records/Fountain Records.  Also, check our SXSW interview from the band elsewhere on the site.

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SXSW 2014 Interview: The Rich Hands

richhands“Have never checked that out but seems like it would be pretty cool!” Yo, this is what I’m talking about! SXSW Interviews.  This is one of the great things about SXSW; you get to discover brand new bands to love and adore. Perhaps one of those bands will be the Rich Hands, the Texas trio who seem to be working as hard as they can to get as many dates lined up for you as possible during the week. They have at least seven shows, so check out what they had to say, and try to hunt them down during the festival (their tour dates are at the bottom). Read more