Duncan Fellows Release the Sadlands LP

I’m a sucker for really great pop songwriting, particularly when its crafted inside Travis County lines, which is the case for Duncan Fellows, who release the Sadlands today. The record is filled with these swelling moments that burst into euphoria, like the soft lead on “Like I Used To.” You also just get these little classic pop rock moments where the vocals stretch for these high notes, only to crash down with joyous guitars like we get on “Swallowing Grains.” But, maybe your bag is that slow burning pop vibe, which you’ll find on “Best I Can,” shimmering its dreamy way right into your heart. All in all, if you just want a record that makes you feel good, spend some time with this LP today.

Bright Indie Pop From Duncan Fellows

Bring from our fair city, we have always followed and taken a liking to the musical stylings of our very own Duncan Fellows. Over the years, the guys have dropped countless catchy singles and put on numerous memorable shows for the ATX community. Now well into their career and ever growing as artists, the band will be releasing new album The Sadlands on October 16th on all platforms. Prior to that date next week, I recommend you check out this new single called “Like I Used To” which yet again shows a band in stages of maturity and growth like we’ve never seen. What may trick you into thinking it’s just a regular ‘ol indie rock tune can suddenly explode into these lush moments of brightness and warmth. It’s a truly fantastic tune.