Another Tune from the Sea Life

Just over a month or so ago we dropped the newest single from The Sea Life, and here we are circling back to cover their newest single. It begins with a ringing distorted guitar and military marching percussion; you’re expecting the band to unleash a wall of noise. But, they pull it back to soften the blow, offering up a calm respite. Then distant howls are unleashed, a kin to a guitar pop band covering early Walkmen songs, and I totally dig it. They’ll be releasing their self-titled debut via Art is Hard Records on June 26th.

Brand New Music from The Sea Life

I’m going out on a limb here, but the new tunes from The Sea Life make me think of Omaha’s music scene in the early 00s. The vocal pitch is a bit off, even a little strained, but it’s filled with passion. There’s even a few hooks amidst the distorted chug of the guitars, opening up as the guitars begin to twinkle ever so carefully. I’m always looking to feel a bit more youthful, and this tune is doing just the trick. Look to find the band’s self-titled LP in stores on May 26th via Babe City Records/Art Is Hard Records.

Catchy Tune from The Sea Life

seaMondays are always difficult for everyone, trying to climb out of bed and head back to the daily grind.  Sometimes you need a nice little pick me up, and I hope that this tune from The Sea Life helps you out in that arena.  The band’s been changing around the line-up a bit, and they claim that that has influenced their sound a bit; whatever they say, it’s good to my ears.  It’s got this throbbing hook, but in an indie pop realm, as opposed to some sort of electronic induced push and pull. Definitely a group who’ve caught my attention today. Enjoy.


Download: The Sea Life – NY Models [MP3]

New Jam from The Sea Life

There’s tons of bands out there with the “sea” being used in their name, and here’s yet another one to add to your list, The Sea Life.  The DC group has just released their newest album, In Basements, which is really a great listen.  After a few EPs, the band really has come into their own, sounding confident and tighter than ever on this release.  The track below has this great guitar line that flirts with 90s alternative nostalgia, but the fuzzy vocals provide a more modern spin on things.  You’ll find other tracks similar to this, but also more creative pop tunes holding this release together.


Download: The Sea Life – Surf Rock Nine [MP3]