Show Preview: Desaparecidos @ Mohawk (10/30)


Date Wednesday, October 30th
Location Mohawk
Doors 6:30
Tickets $25 from Mohawk

I don’t understand why this show hasn’t sold out yet, so be warned, you better grab the last remaining tickets as soon as you can.  Desaparecidos rose to prominence long ago, as singer Conor Oberst star also began to rise nationally.  But, as soon as they rose, they disappeared, much like their name would imply…many of their fans were never able to catch the act live.  Now’s your chance, and if you needed more convincing, just check out the openers.  I’ve not got too much info on Purple, but I’ve loved everything that’s come our way from The So-So Glos. They’ve won over fans on their brief stops through town, and they’ll definitely be an important part of what I can only expect is an incredible evening.  Cheers to Transmission for bringing them all to Austin.


Download: Desaparecidos – The Happiest Place On Earth [MP3]

Poppy Tune from The So So Glos

383997_10150390708559738_62209039737_8404542_442126120_nWe’ve been fans for some time of The So So Glos, and that was cemented by my time spent listening to their phenomenal debut, Blowout.  It seems that some hard-working individuals have allowed them some free studio time to record a track of their liking, and the result seems like its a good fit.  Through their short time, they’ve grown increasingly softer on the ears…meaning that their brash style has sort of begun to fade.  That being said, it’s clear that some bands are meant to move on in that way, as this song offers a glimpse to just how great things sound when all the pieces come together. Give it a listen.


Download: The So So Glos – Emergency [MP3]


New Punk Jam from The So So Glos

God, I just can’t get enough of this band!  Every time I hear something new, I immediately get excited.  The So So Glos are a little bit brash, but definitely energetic, which makes it easy to fall so hard for their hooks.  This new track hit the Internet just before Thanksgiving, and I’ve been jamming ever since then, eagerly awaiting news on their upcoming album.  These guys seem to just want to have a good time, and sometimes rock n’ roll needs that bit of fun, so here’s to these dudes just kicking out the proverbial jams.


Download: The So So Glos – Son of an American [MP3]