One More Hit from The Spook School

In just over a week I hope you’ll all be heading to your local record shops to pick up the excellent new LP from the Spook School. On this tune, the band take on positive body image, as well as the trappings that seem to go with it. This is precisely what I love about the band…there’s a message in every song, yet they disguise it with this their jittery pop, subversively encouraging you to be better…all the while tapping your toes. It also doesn’t hurt that the midsong breakdown rushing towards the close is an emphatic pop punch I’ll never shy away from. Look for the group’s Could It Be Different next week via Slumberland/Alcopop…and keep your eyes peeled, as they’ll be touring the States real soon with friends Diet Cig.

Never a Bad Day for a Spook School Tune

While we anxiously await the release of The Spook School‘s Could It Be Different (coming early next year), they’ve helped us out by sharing a delightful Christmas tune. Interestingly, and perhaps for the holidays, the band have pulled back on some of their distortion pop, offering a shimmering little indiepop vibe on this number. The single is released this Friday, but the band will also be selling a festive calendar featuring candid photos of drummer Niall…always a good gift idea; you can grab that HERE. Hope this can tide you over until the new LP hits!

New Video from The Spook School

Our continued allegiance to the Spook School must go on…especially as the band are readying the release of Could it Be Different for next January via Slumberland. This track features Anna on the vocals (who apparently is a tiger), while the group employ their classic buzzsaw guitars and bouncing rhythm section. One of my favorite attributes about the group in this video, which is also present in their live setting, is the enjoyment they seem to have making music together; even with serious subject matter they always manage to bring a light-heartedness to the affair. Infectious pop at its best, so get ready for the rest come January 26th.

Fresh Video from The Spook School

You know we have an undying love affair with the Spook School, and they’re back today with news of a new label and a new record! One of the many things I love about the band is their ability to craft infectious indiepop with serious sentiment in the lyrical content. This song is said to be overcoming abusive relationships, or just being better than an abusive personality…and with a line like “fuck you I’m still alive” who wouldn’t believe them. There’s a message hiding in their hooks, only make the band all more important in your life. The band will release Could It Be Different on Alcopop Records/Slumberland Recordsin January of the 2018. I’ll buy it…you should too.

SXSW Awards – 2017

How is it possible we’re already through SXSW hangover week? It seems like only yesterday the ATH crew was hanging at Hotel Vegas, with Lone Star in hand, kicking off the week a couple of Sundays ago with the awesome lineup put together by Nathan and our boy Mr. Laird. As always, we move on, reflect on the fun behind us, and plan for the next great lineup or festival. Such is the beauty of living in the live music capital of the world. To look back on the festival, Nathan, Brian, and myself came up with an arbitrary list of awards with each of us picking our choice for the category.

Hit the jump for our awards, final thoughts and a few related pics from a fun, exciting, and draining week.

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SXSW Interview: The Spook School

I adore the Spook School; I followed them around all of last SXSW, caught them at least 7 times. Today we continue our coverage by catching up with the band before they cross the Atlantic and make their way back into our hearts. Jump on and get a little introduction to the band, and be sure to guide them to the Vegan hotspots in Austin. Be sure to stream the gem from Continental Drift hanging at the end, featuring some of the best indiepop on any continent. Read more

Yesterday’s News: Another Mercury Girls Hit

mercuryWhile Mercury Girls are in the midst of wrapping up their debut, they’ll be a huge part of the Continental Drift compilation, which also features the likes of the Spook School, Tigercats and Wildhoney. One of their tunes just went up this week from the compilation, featuring the shimmering guitar work you’ve come to expect from a band with Kevin Attics; the quick drum work isn’t too shabby either. It all lines up perfectly to leave room for the soaring vocals, which inevitably hold the listener until the end. Be sure to get your copy from Slumberland and Fortuna Pop on August 26th.

Hear a Brand New Wildhoney Tune

WildhoneyMy affinity for indiepop/shoegaze doesn’t ever fade, especially when one of my favorites, Wildhoney, come to mind. The band will be featured on what is already an incredibly anticipated release from Fortuna Pop/Slumberland Records…a four-way compilation featuring The Spook School, Tigercats and The Mercury Girls. This tune definitely looks more to the Wildhoney’s bouncier side, whilst still including that delightful wash of atmospherics atop. I’m a fan of the short bass solo in the song’s latter half before they blast back into infectious exuberance. You’ll have to get your hands on this when it hits on August 26th. Already pondering whether a compilation can be album of the year…on my end anyways.

Brand New Spook School

You know The Spook Schoolis one of my favorite bands of the moment. I quietly (or not so) tracked the band all around town during SXSW, even throwing a couple of shows together, just so they’d have a happy home. Well, news breaks today that the band have a brand new couple of songs appearing on the Continental Drift Compilation via Slumberland and Fortuna Pop. They’re debuting it via video, which is perfect, as you can clearly sense the band’s enjoyment/humor coming through in the clips; it’s one of the things that also makes them such a special live band. Look for the compilation in August…but for now, just relish in the fact that great pop bands still exist. Also, sorry for the over-abundance of FPop stuff today, but when you got it, you got it.

SxSW 2016: ATX Showdown @ Hotel Vegas

Big BillLet’s get the artist notes and pics kicked off with our first party of the week. It was an all day affair, oh the huge manatees. So many great locals with some true talent from overseas. We were thrilled to get this SxSW started with so many friends. If you were there, you have probably told your friends about how rad the night was. I mean, Bushwick Bill was there to hang with the locals and talk about the biz. Only South By…

Click through for some thoughts from the team and plenty of pics…

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