Did You Listen to Featherfin?

It’s okay, as I didn’t spend much time with Featherfin and the new album, Miles to Go Before I Sleep…until a slight push of encouragement from Jeremy Jensen of The Very Most. Jeremy plays/sings on one of the standout tracks, but the whole release is just a collection of great voices supporting Featherfin to flesh out the songs. I included “Helen Richey” below, as that’s the song I jumped to first but don’t be afraid to invest some time in listening to the whole thing; it’s a gorgeous collection of pop songs that will guarantee a little bit of swooning goes into your day.

Indiepop Delight from The Very Most

thingsI have to give credit to my friend Howard over at IPSML for keeping me up to date on things lately, especially with this really great track from The Very Most. The group has just released a brand new 7″ with this delectable treat for your ears.  It’s light-hearted, with a cascading guitar part working its way through the back of the track.  Heavenly vocals dominate the front of the tune too, making the song all the more endearing from start to finish.  The release just went up via My Little Owl Records, so grab it while its hot.



New Pop Gem from The Very Most

For those of us carefully following friends in the lower indie blogosphere, this track has been all the rage since its release last week.  The tune comes from the esteemed band, The Very Most–one of the great Idaho exports.  They’ve just released the Ununiversalizable Us EP via Little Treasure, which features four new tracks that you can fawn over.  If you’ve got a warm spot in your heart, you’re going to adore the boyish vocal delivery and the easily consumable hooks of the guitar work.  It’s all twee, and it’s all remarkably wonderful.


Download:The Very Most – Ununiversalizable Us [MP3]

New Twee Pop from Baffin Island

It’s Friday, and it seems like most of the world has taken off releasing music for the CMJ festivities in New York, but locally some of my favorite people are still working hard, like A Layer of Chips.  They ran this new single from Baffin Island, off the group’s new self-titled EP, which is being released by Wee Pop.  The group is made up in part by members of The Hermit Crabs and The Very Most, creating a gentle sound that fans of Camera Obscura and the like will surely adore.  It’s simple, it’s warm, and it’s definitely a great hit for a Friday afternoon.


Download:Baffin Island – We Were Meant to Meet [MP3]