Stanley Brinks and the Wave Pictures Share Tequila Island

Two artists I’ve been writing about since we up and started this old blog are Stanley Brinks and Wave Pictures. Stanley’s done his own thing, worked with Freshcard…and always circles back it seems to work with the Wave Pictures. Together they write these pop songs that are playful, yet illustrated the musicianship of everyone involved, such as the title track from their new album, Tequila Island. It draws inspiration from folk influences, and then transports them to island lifestyles…maybe they got this all written down in Cabo? If Jimmy Buffet had a fraction of cool, he’d probably sound like this batch. Tequila Island is out on June 21st via Fika Recordings.

The Wave Pictures Prep Another New LP

Having already released Brushes with Happiness earlier this year, The Wave Pictures are back with the promised second LP, Look Inside Your Heart. Dave’s distinctive voice is, as per usual, one of the stars of this single; he has this particular way of weaving syllables around one another and polishing them off with a nice little melodic quiver. Of course, the band’s music this go round is quite enjoyable; it feels a lot like where Vampire Weekend could have gone had they grown as tight as this trio; the guitar sound throughout is sharp and spiritually lifting. The new album will be released by Moshi Moshi on November 9th.

Hear a Tune from Jessicas Brother

Jessica’s Brother is a recently formed act, featuring Jonny Helm of The Wave Pictures; they’ve just released their first single, recorded by none other than Darren Hayman. The song seems to draw inspiration from a style akin to simple folk troubadours, but it’s the added instrumentation that elevates the number; I’m personally taking a liking to the light string arrangements haunting the backdrop. This song was released by the band’s label, Fika Recordings, who always have reliable hits; there’s promise of a full-length later in 2018 coming your way.

Don’t Count Out The Wave Pictures

wavepicsSome bands come and go, and their popularity rises and falls, but some bands are constant…forever, even; the Wave Pictures is one such band in my book, and they’re back with a brand new album, Bamboo Diner in the Rain. The vocals are quite distinctive, but I feel like they’re delivered in a bit more of a quick-draw manner on this track. Musically, the band builds on their pop cum spaghetti Western feel…steady and rock n’ roll enough to rule. Look for the group’s new LP from Moshi Moshi on November 10th.

Listen to New Music from Stanley Brinks

stanleyStanley Brinks really just came onto my radar recently with his work on collaborative records he did with The Wave Pictures. But, he’s at it again, doing another collaborative piece, but this time with the Kaniks. They add a more orchestral touch, placing some horns and extra bits to flesh out Stanley’s storytelling on this new track. It’s just one of two songs that just went up via Fika Recordings, but it looks like there’s another similar effort coming right around the corner.

Sing-A-Long with Stanley Brinks and the Wave Pictures

berlinThere’s just something about the work between The Wave Pictures and Stanley Brinks that’s just exceptionally charming. You can hum the words or sing them at full strength, but regardless you’ll find yourself being charmed. It’s just some sort of insane magic they’ve concocted together, with more coming in the form of the album titled My Ass. But, while we wait for it, Fika Recordings is letting you grab a 7″ with this wonderful tune; I think I already have half the words memorized, and plan to have the whole thing down by the time you read this. Grab copies of the album or the 7″ directly from the wonderful label.

New Music from Stanley Brinks & the Wave Pictures

wakefieldThese pop aficionados have been working together rather closely of late, so much so that they’re basically one band….one that I’m definitely enjoying.  Stanley Brinks and the Wave Pictures are in the midst of recording yet another album for Fika Recordings, but in the meantime, they’re offering up this brand new 7″ to sample some of the work.  It’s a playful number, but not in the oddity sense, just in the cheery mood flowing through your speakers. A great tune for a great day here in August, so figured you should have the ability to enjoy it yourself.



Brand New Tune from The Wave Pictures

1091058_10151581188527972_1737922932_oI’ve long fawned over the work of The Wave Pictures, and while I’m not entirely sure how I’m feeling about the harmonica work in this tune, I’m still giving the song a nice thumb’s up. The guitars are crunchy as ever, and there’s a ballsy approach to the band’s approach.  It seems like they’ve finally begun to fully embrace their desire to rock a little harder, having spent a lot of time in the indiepop realm.  Perhaps writing some of these songs with Billy Childish (true story) has impacted their sound.  Regardless, I’m still going to get a copy of Great Big Flamingo Moon, their new LP for Moshi Moshi.

Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures Unite!

sbwpIt’s great when two of your favorite artists combine, especially when their sounds mesh together so well.  Today, I’m bringing you a track from Stanley Brinks (of Herman Dune) working, again, with his friends in The Wave Pictures.  The bands both dwell in a light-hearted indiepop world, though with the Waves Pictures, there’s a more of a focus on the guitar work.  These lads have worked together before, though Gin is their first effort since 2010.  You’ll be able to grab this record from Fika Recordings this week! The version below is a 7″ version, but you can stream the whole album HERE, in case you want the album version, and to listen to the whole.


Download: Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures – Spinola Bay [MP3]

We Like This By Stanley Brinks

Brinks and...…with The Wave Pictures.

First collaboration between Stanley and the band in four years, this fun little number could be my new theme song for surviving SxSW. Yes, it is true; “The radio sucks balls.” Fika Recordings has posted up the preorder, but you can stream it now (oh hey, look at that down there). You can also check out the video for “Orange Juice” after the break where they enjoy the ditty in a kitchen.

The full release is Gin is due in early March. Perhaps SxSW? Nothing official. We had much fun with The Wave Pictures during their 2012 opening spot for Allo Darlin, best show banter award winners, so here’s hoping.

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