The Wind Up Birds Are Back

Leeds act The Wind-Up Birds have been fairly quiet since their 2016 The Right EP, but they’ve just announced a new short album titled Desire Paths. On our first listen to the new collection, we get a tune that opens with rolling drums and a sort of fuzzy pulse; the vocals enter the picture in an almost spoken-word manner. Suddenly, the band hits the chorus, bringing in a hook with the shout of “hey/ha/ho,” before quickly returning to the verse. Be sure to enjoy the darker power punch that wraps up the song. They’ll be releasing this new effort on February 19th.

New Music from The Wind-Up Birds

coverThere’s lots of jagged-edge guitar rock coming out at the moment, but one of the acts I like to keep my eye on is The Wind-Up Birds.  The band hails from the UK, and they’re currently preparing to release Poor Music next week.  This tune here displays the band at full-force, moving quickly into the track to unleash a furious bit of rock n’ roll.  Still, they hold onto a general pop structure, making the tune infectious almost from the minute you press go.  When you’re looking for great releases next week, keep these guys in mind.


Download: The Wind-Up Birds – The Gristle [MP3]


Quick Number from The Wind-Up Birds

wind upLooks like one of my favorite acts will be releasing a new album this May.  The Wind-Up Birds came to my attention a few years back, and I’ve really enjoyed the work they’ve put in so far.  This new tune is the first single off their new record, Poor Music.  I love the way the guitars sound, while the vocal delivery definitely bears some resemblance to Art Brut.  Be it the jagged guitar or the way they quickly burst into a more forceful music foray within the tune, it still catches my ears.   Look for their new record just before the summer hits.

New British Punk from The Wind-Up Birds

The Wind-Up Birds are a UK pop-punk band, but it’s clear that the definition of pop punk varies from continent to continent. Vocal delivery is definitely a touch different, which you’ll easily notice–to me it recalls Art Brut in the way it’s very matter of fact, almost spoken word.  The group’s just released their new album, The Land, and it’s full of sharp and jagged guitar licks just like the one here.  If you’re a fan of bouncing punk rock, then this is going to be right up your alley!


Download:The Wind-Up Birds – Cross Country [MP3]