TCV ACL Taping Finally Airs Saturday

Finally!  After around 5 months from it’s original air date, the Them Crooked Vultures ACL taping is finally making it onto the air Saturday (2/13).  Air date looks to be at 7pm, so set your DVR to PBS.  Be sure to look out for some of your friendly ATH staff members, as a few of us were there with faces melted to the floor.  Until Saturday, check out this preview video of “New Fang” over on the PBS site.

First Track From Them Crooked Vultures

tcv1At this point you may have seen/listened to the youtube video with the first single from supergroup Them Crooked Vultures that hit the net yesterday.  You people know ATH is digging it so here’s an MP3 of that track for your downloading pleasure.  It’s pretty loud and straight up rock n roll.  The self-titled debut album from the band will be available Nov 17th.


Download: Them Crooked Vultures – New Fang [MP3]

FT5: Fictional Supergroups

1016top5coverAfter being underwhelmed (and I’m the only one) by Them Crooked Vultures, I began to look ahead to the Supergroups that I would create.  Sure, this is all conjecture, and some are jaded by my own personal tastes and connections.  It’s an interesting topic.  Who is your favorite musician, and who would you like to see them playing with?  Make your own supergroup, and tell me about it.  While I wait, I’ll throw out mine. And, I apologize for my lack of originality in naming bands.

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ACL Top 10 Acts

ACL_top10_bannerSo we survived the weekend that was the dillo dirt sludge of ACL and we’re ready to provide a bit of reflections from our experience.  We’ll start things off with a quick recap of some of our favorite acts from the festival and who impressed us the most.  This is only our list and we based it on our time and taste so let us know if you saw something great we forgot about.  Follow the jump for our Top 10 acts of ACL.

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FT5: Collaborations

0918top5coverSolid collaborations seem to come around only once in a blue moon. On the other hand a FT5 of horrible partnerships could go on for 52 weeks straight without repeat. Eminem and Elton John come to mind, Bowie and Crosby creeping me out, and We Are the World as the gold standard of awesomely bad group efforts. Apart from these, there are plenty out there that have me wishing I had never heard them. Fear not, music lovers follow the jump to read about the best collaborations that won’t make you want to hang yourself; in fact, you might enjoy them.
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