Jam This Cover From Those Darlins

11049118_10153029290821059_6263931789832497561_nA bit of sad news comes with this post, but not to worry, there’s a good track at the bottom to ease the pain. Those Darlins, of Nashville, have announced an “indefinite hiatus” and a final round of tour dates for their current send out of the musical world for now. While this is a bummer, with this announcement they’ve released a cover of “Female Trouble” by Divine. It’s a sultry take on a classic song, with grooving bass lines more present in their rendition and a bit of snarl in the guitars. Take a listen below and simultaneously find solace and sorrow in light of the band’s announcement.

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New Jam from Those Darlins

thosedarlinsAs far as I can tell, Those Darlins are going to have another sneaky good record on their hands.  This new single from their upcoming Blur the Line LP still holds onto the group’s affinity for female sexuality, though their music has definitely progressed lately.  There’s more negative space at work here, allowing for the guitars to cut in and out, often swirling loudly into your speakers.  There’s also a bit of subtlety to what their pushing nowadays, which coincides with that polished sound they’ve acquired.  You can get your hands on the new record when it hits on October 1st.

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Solid New Single from Those Darlins

thosedarlinsListening to this new single from Those Darlins, I kept expecting the band to just blast off into typical rock fare.  But, to the defense of this tune, they show a bit of restraint, slowly letting the song unfold atop the guitar lines.  For my two cents, this is the most impressive track I think the girls have written to date…I’m a fan of the ballad format when it’s perfected like this.  The band have announced that Blur the Line, their new record, will be released on September 1st, with a huge nationwide tour coinciding with the album’s release.


Download: Those Darlins – Oh God [MP3]

New Jam from Those Darlins

This is a solid week for Those Darlins on our site, with the band letting us present their show at the Mohawk this coming Sunday evening, and now they’ve got a great little rocker to toss your way as well.  I like how the group’s slowed things back here just a second to allow for the story to take place, if not more allowing it to take on more of the focus.  Also, there’s a fuzzed out guitar rambling near the end, which is one of my favorite sides of the band, not to mention that inherent swagger/bravado they always capture in the studio.  If you dig this song, and you live in Austin…I better see you Sunday.  If you don’t, but you love the band, here’s yet another reason.

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ATH Presents: Those Darlins @ The Mohawk + Giveaway

Man have we got a deal for you!  Again we’re working with the excellent folks over at Transmission to present this killer show at the Mohawk featuring Those Darlins.  Their last album, Screws Get Loose, was a winning effort, so you can expect the trio to bring their girl-pop rock n’ roll to the Mohawk on October 7th.  They’ll be playing with local boys/girls, Bobby Jealousy, but what’s more important is the information that follow:

We’re giving away a pair of tickets and a 7″ to two lucky winners.  The contest will close next Thursday, and it’s easy to win.  Just drop  a line with your favorite album of the year, and we’ll pick two folks (one gets tickets, the other gets the 7″) who most closely align to us! Good luck!  Here’s one of the tracks from the featured 7″; it’s a Rockpile cover!

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/39749470″ iframe=”true” /]

Those Darlins – Screws Get Loose

Rating: ★★★★☆

Despite releasing an album back in 2009, Those Darlins are still a band that has been flying under the radar. However, I don’t see them staying in that predicament for long after this work catches fire.

If the album art wasn’t enough of a clue, the instant you press play on this album, it’s clear that this is a playful, blunt, edgy and full out rock and roll fest. “Screws Get Loose,” the title and opening track is probably the best song that you’ll come across when things are all said and done. While normally it’s not necessarily a good sign for the best song to come first, it doesn’t hurt Those Darlins because all of the songs are decent. Its appeal begins with the jangle of the opening procession and continues to the classic garage punk sound. The grit of the feminine lead vocals is perfect in that it doesn’t fall into the sugary category that everyone else seems to be going for these days.

These punk vocals are also vital in convincing listeners that all the female narrator wants to do is “Be Your Bro” on the second number from Those Darlins. On this track, this band establishes themselves as people who could very well be your friends. Their songwriting (not just on this song) is simple and relatable; since it’s easy to discern what the band is discussing it quickly becomes like an inside joke between you and them. However, their lyrics aren’t oversimplified, they still manage to cover a wide variety of topics, from only wanting to be friends with a desiring male, “Be Your Bro,” to discussing and giving a testament about the evils of money, “$.”

The same can be said for the sound of the group; it goes a variety of places while still staying under the giant umbrella of garage, be it the pop, rock or punk variety. On “Let U Down,” there is a poppy vibe in the beginning that carries through the 70’s guitar riffs spliced though the tune. Later on comes “Tina Said,” whose guttural guitars and bobbing bass lines twist it to a darker, yet still jamming beat. “Fatty Needs a Fix” is a start to finish punk race that is molded by its quick-witted words and precision drumming, but don’t forget to stick around for Dutchess & the Duke—esque “Waste Away.” Such diversity will allow Those Darlins to bridge the gap between forgettable and kick ass.

At the end of Screws Get Loose, there is a bit of silence and then a guitar solo layered upon the melody of the first song, prompting you to go back to the beginning and start again. As the band intended, I suggest you do the same; this will surely be an album that you will play over and over.


Download: Those Darlins – Screws Get Loose [MP3]

New Music from Those Darlins

Later in March we’ll all get to hear the much-anticipated sophomore record from Tennessee’s Those Darlins titled Screws Get Loose, which they’ll be releasing on their very own Oh Wow Dang label.  If you take a listen to this album’s title track, you can definitely hear a bit of the brattiness exhibited by early punk rock females.  Then you combine that with a bit of swirling melody, and wouldn’t you know it, you’ve got yourself an infectious song for everyone to fall in love with today.  Let’s hope the rest of the album lives up to the phenomenal promise I find in this little ditty. What say you?


Download: Those Darlins – Screws Get Loose [MP3]