Another New Tune from Pillar Point

pillarpointI’m really glad Scott Reitherman is still writing music, as his work in Throw Me the Statue has sorely been missed.  Of course, now that’s he operating under this new Pillar Point moniker, he hasn’t strayed too far from his original sounds. He’s still combining these melodious hooks with pop-centric focus.  Vocals are gentle, yet lofty, rising and falling throughout this song.  It’s just another sign that his upcoming self-titled debut is going to be quite enjoyable for fans of easy-listening pop; it’s being released by Polyvinyl Records on February 25th.

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Synth-Laden Pop from Pillar Point

pillarpointI was a pretty big fan of Throw Me the Statue, so I’m really happy to hear that Scott Reitherman has a new project to work on: Pillar Point.  The act previewed a track the other day, and I figured I’d jump on the fanatic bandwagon.  The tune starts off with this stuttering synth beat, pushing your arms and feet in a swinging motion, but as you move forward, a softer side of the track begins to reveal itself; it kicks in at the 1.23 minute mark, and it’s my favorite moment of the song. If you dig it, you can grab the band’s eponymous LP from Polyvinyl Records on February 25th.

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New Music from Emil & Friends

If you’re stuck in a pattern trying to decide whether or not you like your acoustic folk or your bedroom electronica more, then you’ll be lucky to have stumbled upon Emil & Friends.  You’re likely to find the best of both worlds evident in the work here, and so Emil has solved your great dilemma. They just released their Downed Economy EP, and we’ve got an unreleased track to offer you, which still sounds like everything on the EP.  It’s a catchy little number that seems to twist and turn with every electronic touch, reminiscent of bands like Throw Me the Statue.  Try it out, and if you dig it, be sure to grab the EP from Cantora Records.


Download: Emil & Friends – Cheap Imitations [MP3]

CONTEST: Throw Me The Statue @ Mohawk (9/11)


Date 9/11/09
Location Mohawk
Doors 9pm
Tickets $8 from Transmission

We give a lot of mentions to Throw me the Statue on this here website and we always try to post when the band is stopping in our town.  So Friday night is the band’s next Austin show and it’s really cheap!  Opening acts are The Brunettes and recent Dead Oceans signee Nurses.

UPDATE: Our reviewers are all tied up tomorrow night so this means you have a chance to win a spot on the guest list for you and that special someone!  All you have to do is leave a comment or tweet us with a mention of the show and we’ll pick a winner. Winners receive one guest list spot with a +1 and will be picked at 3pm tomorrow.  Make sure you leave a valid email so we can get in touch with you after the contest.  Do it!


Download: Throw Me the Statue – Ship [MP3]

Throw Me the Statue – Creaturesque

creaturesque-throw_me_the_statue_480Rating: ★★★½☆

It seems that Scott Reitherman has finally found a consistent group of musicians to flesh out his songs, as the new Throw Me The Statue album, Creaturesque is steps above the band’s first album, Moonbeams. Sure, it’s their second album, so we’re expecting growth and maturity, but it’s so far beyond where that first album began that it’s worth giving credit where credit is due.

When the guitar tinkering begins the album on “Waving at the Shore,” you begin to wonder if you’re in for another lo-fi production a la every other record this year. But, clarity coincides with the introduction with Scott’s vocals.  His control over his inflection and delivery is noticeable throughout the song, and it’s one of the more charming aspects of the group.  Here, you will also find a steady barrage of carefully crafted horn blasts; it’s just a slight extra element, but it elevates the song.

Inclusion of extra elements typically is meant to add a certain sense of depth, and while Throw Me the Statue could surely hold their own without it it, these little flourishes complete the sonic soundscape of the album as a whole, bringing it to completion by filling in every inch of space, yet never becoming overbearing. “Ancestors” is the prime exhibit of this tactic.  The song waivers in fullness and depth, but then switches to the intimacy of singer-songwriter near the end, complimenting both elements by capturing a diverse sound in song.

Oddly, one of the elements that has been predominant since the band’s inception, the keyboard/electronica, is one of the drawbacks that exists here.  For instance, “Hi Fi Goon” opens with this little piece, but the sound itself is sort of juvenile and generic.  Sure, it’s definitely meant to help push the songs in a certain direction, but when it’s used so often, it seems to act as a cloak for some of the weaker moments in the group’s song dynamic.  It would be great to see the band stripped of this crutch, as Reitherman surely has the intoxicating pipes to keep us interested.

“Baby You’re Bored” is one of the album’s shorter songs, but it is the pure contradiction to the previous paragraph, as it’s a stripped down song entirely.  It recalls a more contained Band of Horses or early Built to Spill, both which hailed, at one point or another, from the Norhwest just like Throw Me the Statue.  The song is a success, and one can hope that the approach may be used more often in the future.

Creaturesque is a solid record, surely, despite a few little missteps.  It’s clever where it needs to be, and it’s wonderfully constructed from beginning to end.  One more album and the group will surely be on their way to winning over everyone with their electronic-folk pop.

More New Throw Me The Statue

throwWe just dropped some Throw me the Statue tuneage your way, and now the band has a second and equally great song available from their upcoming album.  This one is called “Hi Fi Goon” and will appear on the band’s new album Creaturesque out August 4th via Secretly Canadian.  Dig.


Download: Throw me the Statue – Hi Fi Goon [MP3]

New Tunes from Throw Me the Statue

throwThrow Me the Statue is one of those bands that you’ll find difficult to define immediately. They’re part Sufjan, part elctronica and stirred in a pot by the Northwest. It’s an interesting recipe for some great tunes, which is reason enough to post a song off the band’s latest Purpleface EP, which is out now via Secretly Canadian.


Download: Throw Me the Statue – Ship [MP3]