Kluster Tease Us with One Last Single

This Friday you’ll all finally get to hear the new LP from Sweden’s Kluster; I’ve been doing my best to hype up the band for the entirety of this album cycle. Today the band have given us one final tiny morsel before Civic drops. This track jumps in with the band dropping some angular post-punk vibes, though they also carry a sort of arty side in the guitar sound, akin to early Field Music. Linnea’s steady voice helps keep the jittering ship stable throughout, all the while offering a slight bit of pop sensibility to keep listeners coming back. Their debut album is being released by Rama Lama Records; grab it HERE.

New Music from Eric and Magill

It’s been some time since I even thought about Eric & Magill, but this new tune that just dropped definitely reminded me exactly why I loved the group’s early work. Here, there’s a smoky entry, gradually releasing softened vocals atop careful picking. But, those looking to hear the band expand upon that will find the burst of euphoric pop during the chorus refreshing. Part of the duo, Ryan Weber, is seeking to find meaning in our chaotic world, and it sounds to me like they’ve found just that be crafting elevated pop tunes. Look for Peach Colored Oranges to come out on May 12th.

Yeasayer – Tightrope

yeasayerSo as many of you may know, a huge new compilation disc called Dark Was the Night was recently released by the 4AD record label and Yeasayer laid down this track for it.  We’ve loved ‘Tightrope” since we first saw it on The Current and then again on La Blogotheque so we were excited to hear that the band was giving the jam a proper recording session.  But then bummer, the Dark Was the Night version just didn’t compare to the live tracks.  Maybe the band felt the same way and maybe that’s why they played/filmed yet another version of the song for the fine folks at 4AD (or maybe they can’t make up their damn mind).  This new version brings in the banjo with some melodica and can be heard/seen over on youtube.  It’s way cooler than this studio version.

[audio: http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/yeas_tightrope.mp3]

Download: Yeasayer – Tightrope [MP3]