Tim Rutili of Califone Plays Beerland Saturday Night

Former Red Red Meat and current Califone songwriter Tim Rutili has been at it for forever. But, currently, he’s focused on his project with his Austin friend, Craig Ross; the two released Guitars Tuned to Air Conditioners back in 2016 and 10 Seconds to Collapse this last month. If you were to listen to the lead single, you’d probably recall Yankee Hotel Foxtrot era Wilco…when they were still dabbling with experimenting over folk structures. The duo will be playing Saturday night at Beerland, joined on stage by friends Lindsey Verrill and Thor Harris; Moist Flesh and Knife in the Water will also be playing. Stream the song below and you’ll know immediately why you need to be there! More info on the show/tickets HERE.


SXSW Watchlist: Califone

Chicago band Califone have been around the music game twice as long as most of the young start up bands you’ll be checking out during SXSW.  They’ve been touring the world/country, releasing countless albums, and generally working their asses off since around 1997/98.  Always adapting and changing their style, Califone have come a long long way since their beginnings over 10 years ago.  Don’t even try to label these guys either, as their music changes stylistically so often that you can’t mark them in any specific genre.  Needless to say, I’m pumped about waiting in line for these guys.  Prior to their arrival in Austin, we had the opportunity to send lead singer Tim Rutili some SXSW questions.  Follow the jump for the questions.

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