New Music from Tim the Mute

Tim the Mute is the project of one Tim Clapp, who also happens to run a rather great label, Kingfisher Bluez. Just recently he put up previews of a ton of new music; I’m particularly looking forward to the next full-length, Do In Yourself. In a sense, he’s writing the same classic pop songs he’s always written, but I feel like music of this sort has sort of gone to the wayside, unfortunately. His voice has some Wayne Coyne tones, which would be an easy way to connect, or just listen to someone writing earnest pop songs you won’t hear anywhere else. KB will release the vinyl, with Lost Sound Tapes putting out a tape version.

Buzzed Rocker from Tim the Mute

lostsoundI always check in with Lost Sound Tapes, as you’ve got to keep an eye on the labels you love the most, which is how I discovered this really incredible number from Tim the Mute…the label’s most recent offering. I know this sounds weird, but imagine yourself listening to the world where the upbeat Neutral Milk Hotel tracks crash into the world of Robert Pollard; that’s the only explanation I can think of, but it’s the most fitting. You’ll find it to be one of the more endearing scuzzy rockers you’ll hear today, so grab the new album Take My Life…Please from the label now! You can also stream the whole album over HERE.