Breezy Indie Pop from Mauno

Mauno is a two piece (with help) who will be releasing an LP of their delightfully weird pop tunes at the beginning of August. From that release, they’ve just dropped “Vampire,” which is a lovely and light indie rock tune. What I love the most about this tune is the vocal delivery. Nick Everett has a melancholic, lukewarm voice, which is sweetened by Eliza Niemi’s addition during the choruses. The building, but still soft percussion and guitars are equally as compelling, and I’ve been back to listen to this track about 10 times.If you dig the track below, you should definitely check out this video of Eliza Niemi and Nick Everett attempting to sing along with this track whilst on the last 3 minutes of an hour long ride on a stationary bike. They keep it together pretty well! Pre-order Really Well here before it’s out August 2. Oh, and lucky for you here in Austin, they’re playing Cheer Ups on July 2!

Rad New Track from Deliluh

I can’t turn this new Deliluh track off right now! It’s a slight bit heavier than my tastes of late, and perhaps not even that heavy, but more ominous. Strangely, it recalls a lot of the stuff I was into as an angsty teen, pulling from names like Shellac or Sonic Youth. Vocals in the track are murky, and they’re spoken as if they’ve been presented at some sort of poetry reading. The musical element is creeping behind those lyrics, but there’s plenty of space left for the band to work their discord into your ear holes. This tune appears on the bands forthcoming release, Oath of Intent, out May 3rd via Tin Angel Records.

Psychedelic Rock From Glasgow’s Trembling Bells

tremblingbellsPsychedelic? Rock? From Glasgow? Yup, you read it right and I was as pleasantly surprised as you are about to be. Trembling Bells are a five piece from the musical hub of Glasgow, but instead of the indie pop you’d expect from the Scottish city, they make funky psychedelic rock music. This track, “Killing Time In London Fields,” is taken from their newest and fifth LP, The Sovereign Self, which is set to be released through Tin Angel Records on June 30th. It’s a nice little blend of psych rock with folksier elements like the organ sounds throughout, but the lo fi production and vocals push it on the more psych side of things.