Another Day Another Tiny Ruins Gem

It seems like single after single that Tiny Ruins craft another gem that is destined for repeated listens throughout my day. On their latest tune, there’s a dominating performance from Hollie Fullbrook, but the little details hanging in the air are what make the song. I love the way the guitar lines sort of dangle and twist in the air, matched by the breathy backing “oohs” that added this dreamy quality to the track. I’m just going to keep fawning over this group until their huge, then I’ll say the first album was better…that or I’ll just up my hype when Olympic Girls hits on February 1st via Ba Da Bing.

Tiny Ruins Share a Slow-Burning Hit

You ever hear a song and it just feels like it belongs in a really well shot film? Like everything about it screams montage? That’s the feeling I got the first time I pressed play on this gem from Tiny Ruins. The New Zealand group is well on their way to releasing their upcoming third LP, Olympic Girls, and “School of Design” is their latest lush single. I think the cinematic feel comes Hollie Fullbrook’s velvet vocals and detailed storytelling. Apparently the track was recorded live–which makes this track even more haunting, as it feels so very polished and perfect. Take a listen for yourself below.


Tiny Ruins Announce New Record

Tiny Ruins, the project of Hollie Fullbrook, is ready to share its third album, this time with Ba Da Bing as its home. The first single we get is, as we expected, pure excellence. Hollie’s voice rises up and down, changing registers, moving in and out, almost as if it was meant to haunt your ears. Perhaps that emotion stems from the details in the accompanying music, whether it be the work of the guitar, layered strings, or the percussive elements that bubble to the top of the mix. Fullbrook stars in the video, a lone figure walking through nature…a clip perfectly fit for this track. Olympic Girls will be out February 1st of 2019.

Enjoying This New Tiny Ruins

Feel like we’ve been hanging out with the Oceanic region a great deal today (Terry, The Ocean Party), so why not wrap up Wednesday with this gorgeous number from New Zealand’s Tiny Ruins. Hollie Fullbrook and her band have just signed with Ba Da Bing, for their first North American release…but those with a keen ear have surely heard the project. I like the fragility of Fullbrook’s voice, draped over the careful orchestration behind her; there’s a gradual swell to the song that seems to make it rise, only for the band to just let it hang in the air. Should be a busy year for Tiny Ruins.


Let’s Hurtle Through With Tiny Ruins


We got off to a foggy start this morning in the ATX but not to worry, I’ve got this sweet tune from Auckland, New Zealand’s Tiny Ruins to get you through today. I’ve been a fan of the quiet folksy tunes of Tiny Ruins for a little while, so I’m pleased to share with you “Hurtling Through,” which is the title track off the forthcoming EP from the band. It’s a soft number, like you’ve already known from this group, but one that highlights the magnificent and tranquil vocals from Holly Fullbrook. You should definitely take a listen and keep your eyes and ears pealed for that EP, which is slated for a November 27th via Bella Union.

New Music from Tiny Ruins

tinyruinIf you’re looking for a lady with some pipes, you need look no more.  Hollie Fullbrook has a set of pipes that’s going to win your heart, and it makes listening to her project Tiny Ruins something quite special. The band is fleshed out with a bass and a drum, but for all intents and purposes, the show is stolen completely by Fullbrook’s voice and her gentle strumming.  You need to sit back and let this song wash over you; you’ll be grateful that you did.  The band’s new record, Brightly Painted One, will be out on May 13th via the heralded Flying Nun Records.