New Single from Table Tennis Dreamer

While moving from Austin to Chapel Hill, John Waldo Wittenmyer had to find a new creative outlet, despite the recent success of his band TOMA. He wanted to explore the same thematic references, with music’s evolution as a sign of personal and spiritual growth, and that led to Table Tennis Dreamer. Below we’ve got the first single from the new project; it’s build more electronically than previous stuff we’ve heard from Wittenmeyer, but you can hear the ebbs and flows of his own recent travels from within the confines of the song; I love how there are layers upon layers of vocals, main and backing, almost creating this wall of melody that surrounds the listener. Keep an eye out for new music, as Randall, Vol. 1 is on the horizon.

Show Pics: Feverbone Release Party @ Sidewinder (5/3)

ATH Records is really proud of this collections jams.

Feverbones just released their latest, DREAM TALK. If I were to classify this record, it would be indie pop for music nerds, but aren’t we all. There are minor chords and challenging progressions that can only really be afforded by really strong musicians. Add to that thoughtful lyrics and great harmonies, you have a recipe for one of your favorite records.

There were two lucky bands that joined on stage in Toma and Palm Daze. In the crowd, I saw members of several local bands. We had a close-knit group of local legends, venue heroes, overlapping voices and lovely friends.

Click through to join in the fun.

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Feverbones LP Release Show @ Sidewinder (Tomorrow)

A few weeks ago we were super fortunate to release Dream Talk, the debut long player from Austin’s Feverbones (members of Shearwater, Abram Shook, Adam Torres…and every other great Austin band you love). Now we get to celebrate proper style, with the band playing tomorrow night at the Sidewinder to celebrate the album’s release out into the world. If you’re not in the vicinity of Austin, that’s okay, you can grab the copy HERE. They’ll be joined on the night by friends TOMA and Palm Daze, exhilarating acts in their own rite. Doors are at 8 PM!

ATX Spotlight: TOMA Are Ready for 2017

In our eternal search for all rad things Austin, I stumbled across Toma, bringing huge pop sounds to our fair city…and yours too. They just unleashed this single from their forthcoming LP, Aroma, and it’s got really huge hooks for you to sink your teeth into today. Guitars and synth work are heavy here, blasting melodies right into your ears; I like the way the synths seem to dance around the rest of the instrumentation the song’s core. You’re free to let the cares of Friday go out the window while this song blasts loudly in your speakers.