New Track from Tony Molina

I thought I had already had my favorite album of 2018 wrapped up; I’m still keeping it secret for when I change my mind. But, with that in mind, I’m also going to hold a spot next to it for Tony Molina and his new LP. I mean, this song barely comes in over a minute, and I think I’ve already played it at least six times. It’s so gentle and captivating from the get-go…little crisp guitar chords matched by melodic vocals at every turn. Kill the Lights is the name of Tony’s new record, and it’s dropping on July 27th via Slumberland.

Tony Molina Announces New LP

What a wonderful week for Slumberland Records; they announced a new Smokescreens album…and now we get news of Tony Molina‘s follow up to Dissed and Dismissed. As per always, Tony seems to craft these delightful numbers that are over in less than a few minutes. But, once you’ve delved in, you feel like you’ve been listening to Molina on repeat for hours…and in fact, you probably will. This song also feels more bare, just sort of stripped down to the core essentials that maximize the emotional pull. Kill the Lights will be out on July 27th, so put a few bucks aside for another great LP.

More Short Pop from Tony Molina

tonymolina_promo-compressedIt’s great that so many people are taking notice of Tony Molina as he gears up for his latest release; it’s always good to see people who deserve it finally win some fans. That being said, his new work, continues to surprise me. It’s not the brevity, as that’s always been his staple, but rather the gentle quality of the tunes themselves. I almost envision them as perfectly crafted demos, written quietly over quick spurts of beautiful creativity. But, if it’s a good tune you’re after, then it’s a good tune you’ll get by pressing play. Look for the Confront the Truth EP on October 28th from those Slumberland cats.

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Brief Ditty From Tony Molina

tonymolina_promo-compressedOur dearfriend Shakespeare taught us that brevity is the soul of wit, and today, Tony Molina is here to prove that proverb remains true with his track “See Me Fall.” At only a minute long, this track is small taste of a sound, and yet it comes across as a complete tune. There’s a bit of a lullaby aesthetic going on in this track; Molina’s dreamy vocals are complimented by the gentle guitar sounds to create this enchantingly simple minute. This track comes from Molina’s upcoming 7″ calledConfront The Truth, which is out October 28th viaSlumberland Records.Preorder it here.

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Another Tony Molina Jam

tonySo far it seems that Tony Molina‘s work is summed up by two simple adjectives: short and sweet.  This latest track from his reissue clocks in at just under a minute, yet I’m still finding myself hooked due to its immediacy.  It sort of reminds me of Screeching Weasel‘s old school hits blended with the instrumentation of someone that loves playing guitarmonies. While you can easily complain that it’s too short to sink your teeth into, you’ll be happy that Tony’s re-releasing Dissed & Dismissed on Slumberland Records on March 25th. If this isn’t enough for you, then grab the record when it hits stores.

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New Old Jam from Tony Molina

tonymolinaI didn’t want you all to think I’d gone completely soft on the world, so I had to post this track from Tony Molina.  Odds are, it’s new to most of you, though it’s a tune off his first LP, which is seeing a release on Slumberland Records, with a promise of a sophomore LP to come out later in the year.  This tune comes of Dissed and Dismissed, but it’s re-release only indicates that we’ve got more great things to come from Tony.  It’s got a scuzzy guitar line, but it also holds tight to a real pop sensibility that comes from, dare I say, Weezer. You can pick up the album on March 25th; I will.

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