New Hit from Pema

It’s Friday folks. It’s early and you needed to pick it up. Well, I figured you could listen to this new hit from our friend Alex, who currently is working under her Pema moniker (she’s also in Austin group Alex Napping). There’s this pulse that brings the song in, with extemporaneous beeps and bloops layered in to maximize the hook factor. I love the way Alex plays with the syllables in her vocal delivery in the song’s late middle, before putting in a final stomp to groove you to the end. Pema will release Bad Habits on May 4th via Topshelf Records.

We Should All Listen to gobbinjr

The first eleven seconds of the new gobbinjr tune are all you’ll need; they draw you in before the song jumps off at the 12 second mark. A spinning twirling pop number with a natural bounce from the percussive work. Emma’s voice charms immediately, rising and falling in step with the song, not a far off cry from a young Jenny Lewis…with just the slightest hint of childlike wonderment. Something about this song hints at a purity in the songwriting that will surely leave it on year end lists for those with pop sensibility; it really is that good. Look for her album Ocala Wick to drop on June 8th via Topshelf Records.

Powerful Indie Rock From Us And Us Only

I used to be that guy who would delete emails or ignore posts with music videos associated with them. Not sure why, maybe it’s the low quality sound on youtube? Either way, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve come around to the medium and will definitely post great songs via video. Baltimore based band Us and Us Only has offered this great track and accompanying video called “Full Flower”. The song reminds me of David Bazan’s style if he somehow had the indie pop voice of a guy like Ezra Koenig. Dig.

Us and Us Only will release debut album Full Flower on July 14th via Topshelf Records.

Dance Along With This New Video From Heat

heatOk, I’ll admit it, I can’t really say no to dreamy pop/rock… it’s my musical weakness, so forgive me if you’ve seen this elsewhere on the internets. Heat, out of Montreal, call themselves post-punk, but from this music video, “Lush,” it’s hard to not pick up on the dreamy new wave vibes that the band are puttingout. The track is exactly as its title suggests– overflowing with instrumentation that compliments and builds on itself. The guitar parts are interlocking and seamless, the synths chime in and out with lightness, percussion holds the groove in place, all while the vocals are hazy over the top of everything. Take a listen and watch below so you can dance through your Tuesday.

“Lush” is taken from the band’s upcoming debut, Overnight,which is out January 20th viaTopshelf Records.


New Music from MELT

meltMELT have been on my radar for the last few months, but as we wind down the year, I’m really looking forward to the release of their debut, Riffer. It’s an interesting approach, based on this single…a world where post rock and dream pop collide. The chords wrap themselves around one another, while the vocals are released with a soothing tone that almost sinks beneath the mix. It’s almost heavy, but not quite, offering up enough melodic intoxication to keep me from turning away. Look for the debut on November 25th via Topshelf and Danger Collecitve.

Noisy Pop Punk from Dowsing

dowsingNot going to lie, but this song totally rules from Dowsing. It’s filled with a youthful vibrancy that’s not too serious, and enough hooked employed to keep you interested. It reminds me a lot of super early Say Anything, building swelling guitar hooks and matching them with heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics. It’s a fun number to just turn up loud, allowing you to sample the band’s sound as they prepare to head out of their hometown in Chicago with their friends Ratboys. Not only will the two bands tour together, but they’ll be releasing a split EP via Topshelf Records on September 9th.

Field Mouse Shares Another Pop Gem

13029473_10154076727798798_4915699061398802664_oThere’s nothing wrong with a nice slice of quality pop goodness, and this single from Field Mouse really checks that box for you. In case you weren’t already aware, Field Mouse are on their way to releasing their sophomore albumEpisodic, which is due out earlyAugust via Topshelf Records. This track, one of the few singles that the band have been shelling out, is another winner. “The Order of Things” is bright and sunny pop, with driving electric guitar and vocals that soar alongside the guitars. Take a listen below and make sure you’re ready forEpisodic,which is out August 5th and is available for pre-order here.



New One From Field Mouse

imageWe here at ATH have been long time fans of indie pop band Field Mouse and the fun tunes they create. With that in mind, you’ll understand when we share all of their music as it comes our way. Today we are treated to this new single from the group entitled “The Mirror”. As always, the track is yet another pop powerhouse to add to the bands already impressive arsenal. Enjoy.

New album Episodic will hit stores on August 5th via Topshelf Records.

Incredible New No Joy Track

untitledWhen you hear about new music from Montreal based No Joy, you know it’s going to be a good day. We’ve seriously been major fans for years so new music is always incredibly exciting. Don’t expect to be let down in anyway either with this rocking and badass new song “Thorn in Garlands Side”. The intro alone should be enough to have you hooked. This band can do no wrong.

New EP Drool Sucker will be out on July 15th via Topshelf Records.

Fresh Single from Mock Orange

mockorangeThere’s this band that time seems to have forgotten, except on my iTunes, named the Glands. It’s this blend of folk and indie rock, filled with melodies and hooks that never escaped my heart. Now, here’s Mock Orange, filling in that gap, using these little elements of math-y rock and muddied indie grooves. I’m really excited to hear their full-length, Put the Kid on the Sleepy Horse; it’s being released by Topshelf Records on May 20th. This has the potential to make a lot of folks happy for a very long time. Are you one of those?

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