Field Mouse Shares Another Pop Gem

13029473_10154076727798798_4915699061398802664_oThere’s nothing wrong with a nice slice of quality pop goodness, and this single from Field Mouse really checks that box for you. In case you weren’t already aware, Field Mouse are on their way to releasing their sophomore albumEpisodic, which is due out earlyAugust via Topshelf Records. This track, one of the few singles that the band have been shelling out, is another winner. “The Order of Things” is bright and sunny pop, with driving electric guitar and vocals that soar alongside the guitars. Take a listen below and make sure you’re ready forEpisodic,which is out August 5th and is available for pre-order here.



New One From Field Mouse

imageWe here at ATH have been long time fans of indie pop band Field Mouse and the fun tunes they create. With that in mind, you’ll understand when we share all of their music as it comes our way. Today we are treated to this new single from the group entitled “The Mirror”. As always, the track is yet another pop powerhouse to add to the bands already impressive arsenal. Enjoy.

New album Episodic will hit stores on August 5th via Topshelf Records.

Incredible New No Joy Track

untitledWhen you hear about new music from Montreal based No Joy, you know it’s going to be a good day. We’ve seriously been major fans for years so new music is always incredibly exciting. Don’t expect to be let down in anyway either with this rocking and badass new song “Thorn in Garlands Side”. The intro alone should be enough to have you hooked. This band can do no wrong.

New EP Drool Sucker will be out on July 15th via Topshelf Records.

Fresh Single from Mock Orange

mockorangeThere’s this band that time seems to have forgotten, except on my iTunes, named the Glands. It’s this blend of folk and indie rock, filled with melodies and hooks that never escaped my heart. Now, here’s Mock Orange, filling in that gap, using these little elements of math-y rock and muddied indie grooves. I’m really excited to hear their full-length, Put the Kid on the Sleepy Horse; it’s being released by Topshelf Records on May 20th. This has the potential to make a lot of folks happy for a very long time. Are you one of those?

Another Killer Track From Slingshot Dakota

slingshotdakotaIt wasn’t too long ago that I shared with you this track from Pennsylvania’s Slingshot Dakota, but the duo is back with another great number to satisfy all your pop-punk needs. “Lewlyweds” is filled with the same kind of spunk that delighted you on “Paycheck” in a nicely packed two minute burst of energy. There’s alsoa good presence of synth on hereas well, adding some lightness to balance out the shredding guitars. Break, the album that this track is taken from, will be out March 11th via Topshelf Records.

Digging This New Slingshot Dakota

dakotaslingshotSlingshot Dakota is the project of Bethlehem, PA’s Carly Comando and Tom Patterson, who make indie punk rock tunes that will command your attention. The second that this tune, “Paycheck” starts coming out of your speakers, you’ll be immediately drawn to the crunchy waves of synth that never cease, combined with the punching drums that become cymbal-heavy during the catchy chorus. Comando’s vocals add a layer of sweetness to the otherwise snarling tune, but the sweetness doesn’t overpower the track. Take a listen below.

Their new album,Break, will be out March 11th onTopshelf Records. Preorder it here.

Another Great Wildhoney Tune

10636662_868611053203947_3628233110282321580_oI’m still playing a little catch up, going through my favorite sites and labels for new tunes…so I blame that for missing this Wildhoney jam during the weekend festival. We’ve clearly hyped the band up plenty before, but I think this track might be the one that lets people see that it’s not just us. You get to hear their complete sound shining here, knife-like guitars cascading in and out behind a melodious vocal performance. You’ve got two weeks to familiarize yourself with the band before their new Your Face Sideways EP is released via Topshelf Records.

Why Aren’t You Listening to Wildhoney?!?

10636662_868611053203947_3628233110282321580_oI’m pretty sure we warned you (through the help of our friends warning us) about how great Wildhoney is? Personally, one of my favorites shows this year included them playing with Expert Alterations at Cheer Ups earlier this year…then caught them again a few weeks later at Hotel Vegas. The Baltimore act crafts a brand of shoegaze that is often bombastic and abrasive, yet can turn in an instant to an innocent fragility that softens the heart. They’re back again already with the brand new Your Face Sideways EP, which is being released by Topshelf on October 16th.

Grungey Electro Rock From Infinity Girl

10644126_668392986601458_7974860044699403314_oInfinity Girl are a four piece, Brooklyn based outfit making gritty indie rock with electronic elements. On the track below, “Firehead,” the band starts out with a bit of eerie organ sounds and as the track progresses, these sounds don’t stop, but the band layers in sound upon sound to make the track spiral darkly downwards to a smoky finish. It’s a good indie rock track, and it makes me excited to see what this band’s new LP Harm has in store for us. It’s out August 28th on Topshelf Records.

Happy Diving Is Blowing Up

happyIt’s been a bit since we first wrote about Happy Diving, who back then were part of our friend’s stable over at Father Daughter Records.  But, the band have changed labels to Topshelf, though their sound is much the same, if not a touch louder.  They’ll still leave your ears pleasantly ringing with their distorted guitars swelling in the front of the mix, compacted by knifing guitar pieces that cut through that wall of noise.  Vocals hang in the background of the mix, calm and collected while the world seems to be crashing around the rest of the track.  Look for their So Bunted EP to come out on July 17th.

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