SXSW Interview: AHI

The impending joy/doom of SXSW is right around the corner folks! As of today, we are only a month away from the music portion of the festival, and even closer to interactive and film. Not to worry, ATH once again has you covered as your guide to all the best musical acts you need to check out during the week. Today seems like a great day to begin our onslaught of coverage with an interview from Tornoto indie-soul artist AHI. Like we did last year, we will be asking multiple artists similar sets of questions so you can see a variety of perspectives on the festival. Hit the jump for full interview.

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New Single From Rural Alberta Advantage

Much has been said about on this here website about Toronto based band Rural Alberta Advantage. Though with all that coverage in the past, we’ve somehow managed to completely flake on posting about the band’s latest album. I’m rectifying our foolishness with a quick blurb about the group’s most recent single “Toughen Up”. This really is typical RAA music here with always impressive vocals from Nils Edenloff, beautiful harmonies from Robin Patch, and a reliable tight, folk rock sound throughout.

New album The Wild is out on October 13th via Saddle Creek (pre-order).

Nice Pop Number From Little Coyote

Ah yes, we have finally made it to the middle of the week and the weekend is in sight. Helping us celebrate our hump day today is Toronto based Little Coyote and their promising new track “Medicine”. When I first heard the song, I was immediately attracted to the driving, almost yearning sound of the song. It has this weird sense of urgency building throughout while still showing a calm and tight production effort.

Little Coyote will release The Trouble With Teeth on October 13th. Pre-order that shiz now.

Epic New Single From Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs

Man Toronto based outfit Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs have just killed it with this new single “Ragnarok”. When discussing the new generation of power pop music, songs like this need to be mentioned before any other. If for some reason that style of music isn’t for you, well move on and let the rest of chant along and enjoy ourselves. Epic. Fun. Carry on.

Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs will release a self-titled LP on July 28th via Burger Records.

The Wooden Sky Return

Man it’s been awhile since I’ve heard anything from Toronto based outfit The Wooden Sky. Maybe it’s for my lack of paying attention, but either way, I’m happy to be sharing this new song from them called “You’re Not Alone”. The track is something you’d get if you combined the best parts of Grizzly Bear with the crazy vocal twang of Sturgil Simpson. It’s a true gem and I’m happy to be reacquainted with the band.

The Wooden Sky will release their new album Swimming in Strange Waters via Nevado Music on April 7th.

Dance-ateria Types on Blast with Most People

Stay Forever CoverLooking to kick off your Tuesday with some frivolous synth pop tunes? Well, listen up, you’re not going to find a better one out there today than Most People‘s newest single.  The Toronto duo have crafted this tune, clearly intent on pushing you to the dance floor; they even pause for a touch of respite in the middle of the tune so you can run to the bar and grab a drink.  You’ll have a hard time denying the hooks here, and who would want to, after all.  Sometimes you just wanna say fuckall and go have some fun…this is the tune that leads you there.

Hooked On This New Grounders Track

groundedI’m not really sure what it is about Grounders, but I’m entirely hooked on their sound.  Seemingly, the song is all over the place, touching on various genres, from electronic-induced pop to swirling dreamgaze.  That being said, there’s an undeniable pull that draws the listener (in this case me) into the track. There’s so much going on in this tune, that you’re almost begging to play it again before it’s finished, just so you can go back and check all the musical highlights occurring within. The group releases their self-titled album on May 12 via Nevado Records.

This Twist Single Has Perfect Timing

twitsIf you’re outside of Austin reading this, I’ll apologize for being whiny, but the weather here’s pretty miserable.  Rain, cold…so un-March. But, with shitty weather comes fitting music to provide an escape.  On the new single from Twist, the track opens with little more than guitar and vocals; it doesn’t pick up immensely, though it does pull in some electronic beats to fill in the sound.  For me, it’s the perfect storm to match that going on outside my window at the moment, providing a dense bit of pop that’s both calming and unsettling.  No words on a release anytime soon, but at least we’ll have this track.

Take a Listen to Twist

twistThis is an interesting spin on modern day garage/lo-fi production.  Toronto’s Twist have added a seductive spin on the tried and true sound we’ve all been tirelessly fawning over for the last several years. You’ll hear a brash opening, but then it slinks into a more consumable bit of pop songwriting, though the noise begins to fill in the negative space left behind in the background.  As of now, the band’s just fleshing out their sound, but word is that they’ll have an EP on the way to you all very soon.

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