Tonight’s Show: Shivery Shakes/Roses/She Sir @ Cheer Up Charlies

Shivery ShakesIn a week of great goings-on, you should be thrilled that brilliant pop music exists so abundantly in town. One of our favorites, Shivery Shakes, are about to hit the road and spread their gospel of surfy pop all over the States (the East Coast at least). So tonight, join them in celebration as they play one last local gig, try out some new tunes and melt your hearts. Plus, perennial ATH favorites She Sir will be opening, as well as the hot pop band in town, Roses (my old lady can’t stop talking about them).

Also…there’s a great pre-pop show bill featuring some really talented ladies (Aisha Burns, Molly Burch) going on at Cheer Ups earlier in the evening, so make it a night of great music and show up!

Show Preview: Tiger Waves (Purity Ring After Show) @ Mohawk (1.22)

Look, I know all of Austin is excited for the SOLD OUT Purity Ring set at Mohawk, as I hear the band is a big deal.  But, that being said, if you’re not sticking around afterwards or not headed into the venue when the show is over, you’re going to miss out on two of Austin’s most promising acts.  We’ve been behind Black Books and Tiger Waves from the start, and the more each group progresses, the more we continue to be amazed by their performances.  Plus, Tiger Waves head out on tour the next day to represent Austin, so we’ve gotta send our boys off on the right foot!  I promise those of you with an appreciation for interesting pop music, you won’t want to skip out.  Here’s a song by Tiger Waves and Black Books, respectively, just to entice you a bit more.

[audio:] [audio:]

Show Preview: The Sour Notes @ Red 7 (7/21)

Date 7/21/11
Location Red 7
Doors 7pm
Tickets $9 @ Door

Our long time amigos The Sour Notes are kicking off a big summer tour soon and are starting things off right with a massive local show at Red 7 this Saturday.  The talent list in the lineup is crazy good and goes something like this: The Cymatic, Waikiki, New York City Queens, The Sour Notes (duh), Royal Forest, The Midgetmen, Knifight, Growl, Imagineiam, Jess Williamson, Little Brave, Melissa Bryan, Mrs. Howl, and Burgess Meredith.  Wow.  You guys get all that?  So yes, this is a big one with a lot of great bands that are sure to entertain.  Hell, it’s only $9 for all those bands people.  Support the locals!


Download: The Sour Notes – Two Hands Wait [MP3]


Download: The Midgetmen – Beer’s Gone [MP3]