More From Pauwel De Meyer

Back in October Nathan shared with you guys a sweet new track from up and coming Belgianartist Pauwel De Meyer. Well I’ve recently picked up word of this new single entitled “Emotional King” and I had to share it with you today. It’s a nice little indie rock track with some slick guitar work meandering through each verse. Ya dig? Stay tuned as we receive more information from this promising new artist.

Fresh Single from Quiet Hollers

quietLast year I was really excited by Quiet Hollers, sharing a couple of their tunes here on the site from their debut album. Well, a few months down the road, and here we are with a brand new track from the band. I love the classic feeling of indie rock that lurks in their songs, with hints of country and folk, though done so carefully that you might not even recognize it. I’m absolutely stuck on the opening moments of the vocal entry too; it’s breath-y, yet passionate. Look for the band on the road as they continue to promote their debut and write more kick ass tracks.

New Single from Marrow

marrowFriday’s are great for feel-good jams, and I think this new single from Marrow fits perfectly into that slot. The band just announced a slew of touring dates for early 2016, which includes an Austin date on January 31st (at Lamberts). In order to promote their album, The Gold Standard, and their tour, they’re offering up this sweet track. I love how it feels like a very groovy pop track, but beneath the powerful voice of Macie Stewart is a band doing their best to bring out the group’s rocking aesthetic. If you turn the mix another way, this track could easily break through some speakers. Enjoy your Friday good vibes.

Fresh Track from Winter

WinterI know there’s always tons to filter through when it regards to SXSW, but one of the bands I caught last year that I picked for success in the upcoming year was Winter. And, here they are with a great new single that looks to be part of their follow up to the excellent Supreme Blue Dream. It’s filled with this shimmering guitar that casually drifts through the song, though the guitars crash with a nice fuzzy wave during the chorus, perfectly matching the vocal of Samira. No official word on the single’s release or a new record, but based on the buzz, expect to hear more from the band soon…also catch them touring the states, including an Austin date at Hotel Vegas.

Loch Lomond Channel Indie Greats

lochlomondOkay, so perhaps the indie rock explosion bubble burst long ago, but the remnants of that still remain with lasting influence of Arcade Fire and the Decembrists. That’s exactly where Loch Lomond picks up, with a combination of those two, only slightly less orchestrated. There’s still a poetic note in the lyrical content, and symphonic touches that flourish in all the right places, so the Portland act isn’t too far removed from everyone’s heroes. This song was released via Tender Loving Empire to kick off the band’s tour through the West, and it’s a great way to start off your week…so says I.

Pleased to Meet You: Ne-Hi

neehighFeel like it’s been rather slow as of late with the music coming our way, which is fair enough for the time of year.  So, when I got sent this Ne-Hi track, I was stoked, to say the least.  Upon first listen, it reminds me of a relaxed version of The Feelies, using great rhythm to propel the song forward, whilst employing these slightly angular guitar chords and semi-chanted lyrics.  The Chicago outfit is about ready to head out on a nice little nationwide tour in August, including an Austin date on August 24th. Check this new hit out.

Austin Spotlight: Two Weeks Until the Love Inks New Album!

inkblotterWe’re just a short distance away from the release of Exi (September 9th), the newest album from Austin’s Love Inks.  I’ve always appreciated the group’s work, but I really enjoy their use of space on this latest single.  Sherry’s voice is the dominant focal point, while there’s very light bass movement in the distance, accented by little guitar pieces and synthesized beats.  The song walks this fine line of feeling huge and empty at the same time, which is quite an accomplishment in and of itself.  Those living outside of Austin will again get a chance to see the band perform live, as they’ll be touring the States throughout September.




New Pop from Ablebody

ableIt’s been a little bit of time since we’ve posted anything from the group Ablebody, the project of the Hochheim brothers, who you’ll occasionally see as members of Pains of Being Pure at Heart.  Anyways, these guys are great, creating these perfect pieces of wistful pop, such as the track below, which is the A-Side to their forthcoming 7″.  The warmth of the backing “ahhs” do a wonderful job to add to the dreamy pop sensibility that is already present in the tune.  You can catch the band on tour supporting PoBPaH throughout the end of Spring, and order the 7″ HERE.

Tour Cassette from Neighbors

neighborsSeattle band Neighbors have definitely won me over with their earliest single, but I think that this new tour cassette, Power Country, has completely sold me on the act. There’s not a lot of frills on these tunes, just straight up rock n’ roll with catchy hooks to sell you on the goods. I think the lead-off track is the perfect introduction to this group, for those that haven’t gotten to hear them yet. It encompasses the combination of grit and pop sensibility that I enjoy about the band.  And, for those of us in Austin, they’ll be hitting up our fair city on October 16th at Cheer-Up Charlies.  If you’re not in our fair city, check their schedule, as they’re hitting the road hard.

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