New Pop from Ablebody

ableIt’s been a little bit of time since we’ve posted anything from the group Ablebody, the project of the Hochheim brothers, who you’ll occasionally see as members of Pains of Being Pure at Heart.  Anyways, these guys are great, creating these perfect pieces of wistful pop, such as the track below, which is the A-Side to their forthcoming 7″.  The warmth of the backing “ahhs” do a wonderful job to add to the dreamy pop sensibility that is already present in the tune.  You can catch the band on tour supporting PoBPaH throughout the end of Spring, and order the 7″ HERE.

Tour Cassette from Neighbors

neighborsSeattle band Neighbors have definitely won me over with their earliest single, but I think that this new tour cassette, Power Country, has completely sold me on the act. There’s not a lot of frills on these tunes, just straight up rock n’ roll with catchy hooks to sell you on the goods. I think the lead-off track is the perfect introduction to this group, for those that haven’t gotten to hear them yet. It encompasses the combination of grit and pop sensibility that I enjoy about the band.  And, for those of us in Austin, they’ll be hitting up our fair city on October 16th at Cheer-Up Charlies.  If you’re not in our fair city, check their schedule, as they’re hitting the road hard.

Beautiful New Track from Tiger Waves

Long have we supported Tiger Waves, and with their most recent single, that’s definitely not going to change.  This latest track is from a collection of 8 new songs the band is currently finishing up.  We’re going to help the band by releasing those sets of songs on our ATH Records label come may, but for now, they want you to sit back and enjoy this simple beauty.  There’s this great bit of warmth that flows through the speakers when you press play, and a slight bit of stomping as the pace picks up slightly.  Properly place backing vocals only add to the harmonious folk approach the group has taken on as of late.  I couldn’t be more proud of these guys.  Also, if you’re in the Midwest and North East…keep an eye out, the band is coming your way in the next few weeks.


Download:Tiger Waves – Fields [MP3]

New B-Side from Wintersleep

Surely you’ve heard about Wintersleep by now, as they’re five albums deep into their career.  Today they put up this great new B-Side to celebrate their tour/invasion of North America throughout November.  This song is rather striking because it begins so heavily, almost bursting my speakers on the first run through (I’m not complaining), but as the song settles, you can see the vocals warm up a bit, calming the mood ever-so-slightly.  Such a strong sound definitely bodes well for all those fans that get to catch them on their upcoming tour.  You should also check out Hello Hum, the group’s latest LP that spawned this B-Side.


Download:Wintersleep – Martyr [MP3]

Fun Rocker from Finn Riggins

I first brought you Finn Riggins earlier in the year as the group was preparing to release their Benchwarmers EP, and they’re back again with another single to get you interested.  This tune features gang vocals from the trio, bouncing rhythms and steady drumming.  I don’t know what it is about these guys, they just seem to get under my skin, in an endearing way of course. There’s even a little jam in the middle, followed by more enjoyable rock moments.  If you’re on the West, the group heads out on tour, though they unfortunately won’t be making it into Austin just yet.


Download:Finn Riggins – Big News [MP3]

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