Brand New Track from Ezra Furman

It’s a good thing we have this Ezra Furman to start off our day, as he’s one of my favorite curator’s of pop rock. His tunes are rooted in the tradition of garage rock, and on this album, he’s filled the record with lyrical content put forward as a collection of stories. You’ll hear the hooks in this song, with some Springsteen-esque delivery, rocking its way to the sweet chorus. His new album Transangelic Exodus will be released by Bella Union on February 9th. .

Brand New Ezra Furman

I cannot wait for the release of the new Ezra Furman album, especially now that I’ve listened to the record’s first single. There’s this almost Springsteen like vocal delivery, spoken with a purpose, as opposed to sung. But, for me, it’s the backing production work that really elevates Furman’s work. From the little strings to the backing vocal bursts, you can tell just how much Ezra cares about what he’s creating. Don’t skip out on the euphoric ending that awaits! Look for Transangelic Exodus to drop via Bella Union on February 9th of next year.