RF Shannon Album Release Party Tonight @ Ch’ups

It’s a fairly busy Wednesday night over in Austin city limits…the likes of Half Waif, Vagabon and Kenny Chesney, but why not go local? There’s a great release show for RF Shannon happening over at Cheer Up Charlies this evening. The group just released Trickster Blues, which in my opinion has some of the best songs they’ve crafted, but you have to get there early as there are other perennial ATH faves taking the stage. Diamond Center always puts on an enjoyable set, and Jesse Woods is bound to bring his balladry to the Cheer Ups stage. Doors open at 9, and the place will fill up quick, so be there early!

New RF Shannon Tune

While our early insight into RF Shannon‘s Trickster Blues has offered glimpses of smoky Texas folk, the songwriter clearly is making a bold statement with his latest single. Driven by a powerful piano backbone, guitar chords shoot off into the distance while Shannon croons with his baritone touch, all the while sucking listeners into this broad expanse. Sure, those little psychedelic flourishes pop up, even in just momentary guitar blips, but this is possibly the most pronounced pop version of the project we’ll get; it’s like someone from Texas decided to take a crack at topping Grizzly Bear…and it’s pretty damn near close. Look for the new LP on May 4th via Cosmic Dreamer.

RF Shannon Returns

I like the pace Shane Renfro is working at with RF Shannon, but I like it even more that he’s crafting these beautiful tunes with such consistency. After last year’s Jaguar Place, he’s back with Trickster Blues, his latest LP. Our first listen has the band harboring that far out Texas cosmic vibe, though still circling around classic folk balladry. The power of the guitar stretching out into horizon while the quiet piano steadies the tune, waiting for the cascading distortion to shoot off. Honestly, this might be one of the best tunes the band has written; the new LP drops on May 4th via Cosmic Dreamer Music.