Newish Girl Pop from Hollows

Chicago’s Hollows are secretly winning me over with their recently released Vulture LP on Trouble in Mind Records.  The lead single is just ridiculously solid, reminiscent of a more innocent version (and possibly less extravagant) Camera Obscura. There’s still touches of orchestration on these songs, but they’re more scaled back, giving the vocals the ability to soar as they should.  I have a feeling that once you give this track a few listens you’ll get just as excited as I am by this group–if you are be sure to grab a copy of their remarkable record.


Download:Hollows – V Is For Vulture [MP3]

Smashing Hit from Estrogen Highs

Man, this is what a great song sounds like? Yeah, absolutely. I hadn’t heard of Estrogen Highs until I caught this sweet jam in the inbox, and I’m so glad I’ve been able to spend my entire day rocking out to this one.  The Connecticut group are releasing their Irrelevant Future album via Trouble in Mind Records on April 10th, and you can bet on it being brilliant.  This track begins with a light musical line and vocal accompaniment, which goes on for a bit.  Hold on tight though, as the band blasts off into this brilliant realm of post-punk hooks.  Songs such as this can only make the world a better place.


Download:Estrogen Highs – I Wanna Be Tall [MP3]

New Music from Mikal Cronin

It’s easy to know you’ll love something when the press release tosses the names of Ty Segall, The Ramones, and Trouble in Mind Records all into one email.  Mikal Cronin will be releasing his self-titled debut on TiM on September 20th, and based on this track alone, I know I’m going to be playing it on repeat over and over.  If you toss in a little more melody on Segall’s formula for psych-rock, perhaps remove a bit of hazy tones, and this is pretty much what you’re going to get.  I know, right! Sounds pretty awesome, so jump on the wagon now, and prepare for Cronin to come to Austin in September (17th) with Ty.


Download: Mikal Cronin -Apathy [MP3]

New Jam from Wax Museums

It’s been a long week, and I really something that would kick me in the teeth, no apologies.  I got exactly that today when I got the new song from Wax Museums in my inbox today.  This Texas punk group are going to be releasing their new LP, Eye Times, on Trouble in Mind Records on June 28th, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic.  Their brash and noisy, yet totally controlled, giving you an adventure that will allow you to bounce around the living room with your pals.  Sometimes high-octane punk rock can cure all your ills, and that’s precisely what this tune does.  Need a fix? Here you go.


Download: Wax Museums – Tunguska [MP3]

More New Music From Night Beats

Here’s another new tripped out psych song from Seattle based rock band Night Beats.  This one is called “Dial 666” and will also appear on the band’s upcoming self-titled debut LP out June 28th on Trouble in Mind Records.  In the ever growing garage/psych movement, this is an up and coming band to pay attention to.


Download: Night Beats – Dial 666 [MP3]

New Music From The Night Beats

Seattle based band The Night Beats mine as well change their address and move down to Austin, because their sound truly evokes images of some of our favorite psych rockers in town.  Ironically enough, the band will be making their way into town next weekend for the annual Psych Fest at the Seaholm Power Plant.  This new song “Ain’t Dumbo” will appear on the upcoming debut self-titled LP from The Night Beats due out June 28th on Trouble in Mind Records.


Download: The Nigh Beats – Ain’t Dumbo [MP3]

New Track from Wax Museums

The incestuous punk rock scene in Texas is alive and well, and I’m grateful for that fact. Wax Museums returns to the forefront of the movement with their latest release, Eye Times, after a three year hiatus, which will be in stores June 28th via Trouble in Mind Records. Lyrically, you’ll probably find the track to be a touch on the simple side, but it’s such a quick power-driven number that you can’t help but get attached from the moment those drums clash with the guitars in a cacophonous moment of energy and melody.  With members from Bad Sports, Silver Shampoo and Mind Spiders, there’s not a reason in the world why this won’t be super awesome.


Download: Wax Museums – Sunburn [MP3]

New Music From The Paperhead

The Paperhead is a Nashville based band comprised of 3 friends who are mere 18 years of age.  These 3 teens apparently got together last summer, recorded a record, and are now ready to share their style with the music world.  A first sample of what these guys are all about can be found below in first single from the band “Back to Those Days”.  It wields a very old school type feel harking back to the days of fuzz pop and pysch rock.  Fans of the style can pick up a copy of the group’s debut self-titled LP on March 22nd via Trouble in Mind Records.


Download: The Paperhead – Back To Those Days [MP3]

New Music From Wrong Words

I was sent this new song “Summer’s Gone” from San Francisco based outfit The Wrong Words yesterday and have been playing it on repeat ever since.  It’s a pretty simple song, but oh so catchy in all it’s pop goodness.  The tune is set to appear on the band’s self-titled debut LP out March 22nd on Trouble in Mind Records.


Download: The Wrong Words – Summer’s Gone [MP3]

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