New Music from FACS

The ringing guitars that open this new track from FACS don’t really paint the song’s full picture; they almost seem bright and chiming. That feeling is fleeting, as the ominous vocals quickly haunt the track for the following two minutes, all the while, gurgles pop up from beneath the song’s surface. From there on out the song churns and buzzes it’s way through cavernous spaces, creating an anxiousness that ebbs and flows throughout the song’s remaining minutes. A song that moves from dark pop to industrial experimenting? Yep…you’ll love it. Lifelike will debut on March 29th via Trouble In Mind Records.

Resonars Share Beagle Theory

Resonars seem to have been around since forever, consistently putting out releases for nearly 30 years. Well, there’s good news, as the band have a new LP coming your way via Trouble In Mind Records. Much of the record has the group working in familiar power-pop territory, but that’s not the case in the tune below…which closes out the album. It opens with this huge circling guitar chord, ringing out whilst the vocals let us softly slide into the track. Drum beats drop in, harmonies soar and you’re transported to the highest levels of guitar-pop, where few deign to go. It almost feels like the closing number to some incredible medieval soundtrack where the hero gets carried off into the sunset. No Exit will be out on April 19th!

New Music from Sunwatchers

Sunwatchers are a band that requires patience and a thirst for exploration. They open their new single by lulling you into submission with a repeated rhythm section lines before guitars begin to weave in and out of your headspace; just after the one minute mark the guitars get serious and heavy, adding grit to the meandering music. The journey continues, passing by saxophone squawks and rhythmic pulses, finally reaching a crescendo of sorts just before you reach the four minute mark. And yet, even once the sonic levels are raised, the band isn’t done, happy to let the music recede just a little bit, lulling you back into homeostasis. The band will drop Illegal Moves via Trouble in Mind on February 22nd.

Rays Drop New Single

Oakland outfit Rays don’t want you to get too comfortable with their “sound,” and they don’t want you to get too comfy with your pop music. They enter the fray here with discordant guitars ringing and a rolling drum beat that sets the mood for a matter-of-fact vocal delivery. But, put your ear next to the speaker, real close like. You’ll hear a slight buzz throughout, an additional layer perhaps added by the bands newest member, keyboardist Britta; it also sounds like horns are brought in as well, so you’re getting far more than you bargained for with your average pop song. It’s frantic, almost spastic, yet wound tightly by superior musicianship so that your ears won’t know what hit ’em. Look for the band’s new LP You Can Get There From Here via Trouble in Mind Records on November 9th.

Mountain Movers Prep Pink Skies

Pretty sure I’m in trouble financially, as it looks like I’ll have to stump out more money for Trouble in Mind Records as they announce a new LP from Mountain Movers (I’m ready for the TiM LP Subscription Series). Anyways, the Connecticut outfit brandish a psychedelia like no other; it’s a mindfuck of noise rock, filled with screeching guitars and stalking rhythm work. When the vocals enter the picture it’s easy to find yourself lost in some noise-induced trance, unable to find an escape, should you need one. They close it all out with a brash display of noisy musicianship, further seducing your ears and mind…you’re never getting out. But, should you come out safely on the other side, look for Pink Skies to drop on October 5th.

David Nance Group Announces New LP

Well, it’s that time again, with David Nance announcing another release, this time under the moniker David Nance Group; this time it will be handled by the esteemed Trouble in Mind Records. Our first listen to the record gives us this fuzzy roots-rock riffage, the heavier sort that almost makes you stomp your feet and shake out your long shaggy hair. Nance slings his emphatic voice with an aura of indifference, haphazardly sliding in harmonies where he sees fit. You ever get one of those songs that just makes you feel? Yeah, this is one of those such tunes. Look for Peaced and Slightly Pulverized to drop October 5th, with a slew of tour dates throughout the Fall.

The Shifters Announce New LP on Trouble in Mind

What!? Another band from Melbourne, Australia that rules? This time the band is The Shifters, and they’ve just announced they’ll be releasing their debut LP via Trouble in Mind Records. Our first listen has this rad bouncing rhythm line with matching guitar cuts jangling to keep the pace; it strangely grips you and never lets go. The subject matter, and accompanying video, seem to be taking a knock on a very ordinary life…which is weird because I’m working now, and then going to the gym…are these guys mocking me!? Doesn’t matter, the song is precisely what’s made the group a hot item; they release Have a Cunning Plan on September 21st.

Check the Latest Single from Ethers

The latest single from Ethers just dropped on Friday, and sure, I’m a few days too late, but no need to ignore a good time, especially when it’s sponsored by Trouble in Mind Records. I love how the song starts with this circling guitar stomp; it leads you to fully expect a brash bit of indie rock. But, just beneath the surface is this little organ/keyboard line, adding the slightest hint of pop sensibility; that’s furthered during the chorus when the guitars take on that angular jangle following the line of “it’s a rip off.” This song features on the band’s self-titled debut LP, which drops on August 24th.

Negative Scanner Prep Nose Picker

It seems like it’s been awhile since I’ve really gotten down on some good old rock n’ roll, so let’s offer up this great new jam from Negative Scanner. It hits hard from the start, shouting over those discordant guitar chops. What really struck me on this single is its chorus, where the band flex their musical muscles by letting the instrumentation ride out in hurried fashion behind the vocals; there’s just something about it that gave it this elevated punk feel. Nose Picker is the title of their new LP, and of course, it wouldn’t be great if Trouble In Mind Records weren’t releasing it on July 20th.

Blast of Fun from The Love-Birds

Still riding high on all the sunny weather, I was really happy to see that The Love-Birds released another single from their forthcoming album. I think this is the one that’s really going to pull all the folks into their sound; it’s straight guitar pop, but pulls from the various microgenres within those confines. Somehow, the vocals bring to mind a young Thurston Moore, and while I can hear hints of the jangle I adore, I also hear some of that distorted explosion made famous by Teenage Fanclub…especially in the chorus. It’s a great song, made even better by the great weather outside my window. Join me in grabbing In the Lover’s Corner on May 25th via Trouble in Mind!

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