Another Delight from Olden Yolk

Olden Yolk is a name you should be familiar with already, but if you’re just catching on, be warned that this is a record that seems destined to be in a lot of conversations for the remainder of 2018. I love how we get to glimpse the band finding their sound on this album, with Shane Butler taking over vocal duties on this latest ditty…though Caity Shaffer offers some solid vocal support. I love how intricate the guitar sounds, though I’m sure that’s just my lack of musical inclination…just has something spiritual about it. Be sure to keep your eye out for the band’s self-titled debut on February 23rd via Trouble In Mind.

Have at Another Olden Yolk Tune

The majority of early press for Olden Yolk probably relies around Shane Butler’s role in Quilt; that’s all well and good, seeing as it’s a good starting point. But, on the band’s latest single, it looks as if Caity Shaffer will get accolades…deservedly so. For the first half of the track, we get a sort of warped pop number, ringing guitars uplifting Shaffer’s voice all the way to the swell of the chorus. What struck me as the finest moment actually comes in at the 1:47 mark, completely changing the time and beat of the track…similar to what my faves Deep Time have done. It’s fleeting, but it’s an interesting touch that elevates the tune in some fashion. The group are set to release their self-titled album on Trouble In Mind on February 23rd.

Stream Salad Boys This Is Glue

Ever since Metalmania dropped a few years back, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the return of New Zealand’s Salad Boys. What I didn’t expect was a record that was good in every single way, and hopefully establishing the group as one of the stronger bands in the guitar pop realm. Take a song like “Psych Slasher;” it hits hard from the get go, rushing distorted jangling guitars, but just as you think the band are here brandishing a bursting tune, they pull it back, ever so slightly to reveal a soft blanket of pop. Overall, this is a balanced effort, from the spoken word stylings of “Scenic Route to Nowhere” to the bright jangling pop of “Under the Bed,” all indicating a band hitting peak form in songwriting. Press play below, and you won’t hear a bad tune; This Is Glue is available this Friday via Trouble In Mind.

Olden Yolk Announce Debut Album on Trouble in Mind

When listening to this track, the knowledge that Olden Yolk is the project of Shane from Quilt might inform your listening. That’s well and good, but what you should also note is the indulgence in the true atmosphere of psychedelia crafted in the track below. Notes billow like smoke in a dimly lit room, with time taken to really let the guitar licks to find their own way into the world. The vocal performance is quite captivating as well, especially when joined by a heavy vocal accompaniment that’s sure to entrance you. The debut self-titled LP will be released by Trouble in Mind on February 23rd.

Ten Records from 2017 People Probably Overlooked

It’s that silly time of year when we ascribe arbitrary rankings to the music created by our favorite artists. And, I’ve already seen a few lists from the likes of Paste or Rolling Stone (among others) that I find completely off the mark. Now, our ATH End of Year list will be a team effort, so here is a list of records I adored that probably won’t end up on too many other “Best of Lists,” though I think they should! Again, no particular order, just ten albums you should enjoy. …that you might have forgotten about.

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Brand New Salad Boys Track

We’re just about to wrap up the musical year with lists and all sorts of silly lines, but in looking ahead to next year, Salad Boys are high on my list of anticipated acts. We get a new tune from the band today in lieu of their impending This Is Glue. One of the things I’m most excited about is that the group seem to have fleshed out their style; this song has this youthful urgency in some of the vocal delivery, though it pulls back for a calming interlude that’s filled with melody and synths. They jump to the end with one more bit of ramshackle rock…and like me, you’ll be thirsting for more. The LP drops on January 19th via Trouble In Mind Records.


New Music from Sunwatchers

Sunwatchers are a band with purpose. They are a band intent upon affecting change in the world. Firm in their beliefs, they now turn to their music as exploration of that aim, or perhaps a little solace as well. This tune below is not for the faint of heart, or the armchair indie rocker; it’s opening minute is almost entirely encapsulated in the word squawk. Horns continue, with a rhythmic guitar line adding pace and noisy disruption through the song’s core. It’s a four minute extravaganza of artful noise, going nowhere and everywhere at once. The band will release their new album, II, via Trouble In Mind on February 2nd, with proceeds from the project going to prison abolitionist movements.

Go Out and Listen to FACS

I was in love with FACS before I even knew the band existed. The trio that have formed this band all were part of Disappears, so my adoration was already there. Then they’ve signed on with Trouble In Mind Records to release their debut Negative Houses…again, I’m a constant TiM supporter…so check that box. Your 8 minute journey on the band’s first single here admittedly requires some patience; it won’t hit you until you’ve fully given yourself over to the stretching number. Ambient noise, echoes and rolling percussion fill the first three minutes, though I suppose fill is the wrong word to use, as there’s a huge emptiness that’s omnipresent. When the vocals commence, they seem to climb out from the abyss, primal urges escaping as last gasps unto the world above. Definitely not your run-of-the mill number, and we’re all the better for it. The album will be available in March of next year!

Stream Infinity Rock N Roll from Jack Lee

Jack Lee might be better known in the US as the frontman for Beef Jerk, who released the excellent (and slightly overlooked) Tragic on Trouble in Mind Records. But, he’s got several solo efforts under his belt, with the latest being released today via Beko Disques. Right now, I’m really enjoying the diversity of the listen, taking on several styles, kicking out varying moods. Personally, I’ve gravitated towards “What You Don’t Do” as my favorite, like a weird world where Dan Treacy tries to take on modern casual pop. Oh, and I’d kick myself if I didn’t throw out the name Stephanie Ohlback; she’s serves as the vocal foil to Lee on almost every song, but perfectly shines on her own on “Taps Aff” and “Pieces.” And there I go, changing my mind on what my favorite hit from this LP is. You should just stream Infinity Rock N’ Roll and figure it out for yourself!

Enjoy New Jack Cooper

It’s going to be a huge shame if this Jack Cooper goes overlooked, as the songs we’ve heard are really compelling…not to mention lovely. He dropped this new one today, and the opening immediately shuffles you into Cooper’s world, vocals hitting almost instantly as shakers and snare work behind careful guitar lines. Little vocal backing pieces flare up occasionally, providing a sentimental nostalgia that’s likely to make the world a better place. You’ll be able to hear Cooper’s debut solo effort Sandgrown this Friday when it’s released by Trouble In Mind.

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