Check the New Rays Video

You’ve by now been anticipating the new Rays album as much as I have, and today we’re checking back in as the band bring a video to the fold for their new single “Made of Shadows.” The tune has these sharp little guitar cuts, almost dancing around one another, while the vocals are thrown out with a rabid indifference. You’ll find the charm of the band apparent in the lo-fi, early MTV style of the video; it’s not like we want all our bands to take themselves too seriously, after all. Their debut album will hit on March 30th, courtesy of the powerhouse label, Trouble in Mind.

Stream Paperhead’s Chew LP

Talked and hyped up Chew about as much as one man can, but now it’s time for you to take matters into your own hands. The Paperhead have expanded their sound, making some softer tunes that exhibit a strong dedication to the songwriting on this effort. I’m still stuck listening to “Over and Over” on repeat, but, as per usual, I’m happy with anything they’ve got out. You’ll be able to get that record from Trouble in Mind come this Friday.

Another Gem from The Paperhead

While the Paperhead fell early into the psychedelic charms with their early releases, it has become increasingly clear that the band have focused on broadening their sound. Their latest single illustrates such, bringing in a pastoral folk appeal that’s been perfected by so few. You’ll hear a distant guitar sliding, texturing the track…almost making it a wonderful Western ballad you’d want to hear as the sun falls beneath the horizon. This track will show up on the band’s forthcoming LP, Chew, which is being released by the uber-reliable Trouble in Mind Records on February 17th. A broader sound should allow for broader appeal, btu regardless, there’s some brilliant stuff in this album.

Bright Pop From Chook Race

unnamedMan it seems like Trouble in Mind Records continues to find bands none of us have heard of and expose their music to the world. Melbourne based groupChookRace is yet another one of those groups discovered by the label. When describing this new find, I’m reminded of some killer brit pop bands like POBPAH or even fellow Australians Twerps. As many of you know our love for both of those bands, you can understand why I’m sharing this poppy and bright new song from the band entitled “Sometimes”.

Pick up new album Around the House via Trouble in Mind Records on September 2nd.

This Salad Boys Track Is Fresh

1400329_355719291231156_545990366_oSalad Boys, who hail from New Zealand, are getting ready to release their debut LP called Metalmania, and if you haven’t already taken a listen to their jangly garage rock, it’s time that you get on the same page as the rest of the world and take a listen. This track, “No Taste Bomber,” is a mostly jangly garage rock hit, but near the end of the song, the band really hits their stride, and they give you a rad guitar solo that makes you forget that the track started so mellow; it will melt your face off. Take some time to get acquainted with these gentlemen below and lookout for their album coming on September 18th via Trouble In Mind. 


New Song + Video from Proto Idiot

Proto Idiot has been my jam since I first discovered the band via their 7″ for Trouble in Mind long ago.  Since then, the band has been hard at work, writing and recording, often with such passion and pace that it makes it hard to keep up.  The band just reached out this week to toss me this video, which is for one of the new tracks the band has been working on in the studio.  The record is on its way, and we’ll have more rad tunes to share in the future, but for now, just enjoy the song and the video

Ultimate Painting Bring The (Sanctioned) Blues

ultimate paintingAs Ultimate Painting prep to release Green Lanes on August 7th via Trouble In Mind, they’ve shared yet another solid single with us from that upcoming record. This time around, the duo have got a hooky little number with “(I’ve Got The) Sanctioned Blues,” which has sunny guitar riffs that patter through the whole track. Simultaneously, the vocals are bright and crisp as they sing about life under a conservative British government. Check out the tune below and enjoy the sun bleached psychedelia from these gentlemen.

Jam This New Proto Idiot EP

tecknicI’ve been hot on the heels of Proto Idiot since the project first crossed my path a few years back (via a 7″ on Trouble In Mind).  It’s a pretty prolific act, releasing a slew of singles and albums in quick succession; now there’s a new EP.  The songs on The Technique and Its Use in Daily Living are definitely in the vein of garage rock, though there’s a bit more of an artier/spastic side, not to mention some inherently catchy hooks that have you singing along.  If anything is going to make your Monday kick ass, it’s going to be to just turn up your speakers (or headphones) and rocking out.

Feeling This New Dick Diver

dicksIt seems like the Melbourne, Australia scene is where its at these days.  Dick Diver is just another band from that area carrying on the tradition of writing these incredible guitar pop tracks for the world to sink their teeth into.  The opening minute of this track is instrumental, focusing on the band’s musicianship, getting that groove.  They jump in soon afterwards with that swinging guitar style, a slight little bounce and the ever relaxed vocal delivery.  I didn’t think I could get any more excited about Melbourne, Florida, but this new single has me ready for the LP already; look for it to come out March 10th via Chapter Music/Trouble In Mind.

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