More Great Pop from Little Red

I went with sort of a more rock oriented morning starter for everyone this morning, so I had to redeem myself, or rather, at least offer the other side of my musical tastes.  Little Red‘s new album, Midnight Remember, has been playing around my office fairly frequently, and you can now get your hands on it!  But, in case you don’t have the time today, here’s another great track to warm your soul.  It’s just a great melodic ballad with quietly strummed guitar being featured before the song itself begins to meander further into the spectrum of catchy pop tunes.  One listen to this song and you’ll surely find yourself humming along, hoping to have a day as promising as this young act.


Download: Little Red – February [MP3]

New Track from Little Red

This track is one of those numbers that you keep playing over and over again, just checking to make sure it’s as magical as it was the first time you listened; ten times later, you still love it.  Little Red hail from Melbourne, but they’ve signed on with True Panther to release their debut, Midnight Remember, on October 25th.  Listening below, it sort of begins with that collage work of say Panda Bear, but then it goes off in a completely different direction, spinning your ears in an entirely different direction. There’s just a hypnotic vibe here that encourages repeated listens, and that’s what makes this a good little listen.


Download: Little Red – Get A Life [MP3]

Obligatory Girls Post

I say this is obligatory, as I’m sure that everyone in the world has this track on play right now, or at least gave it a listen today at some point. We’d be remiss if we didn’t post it, as Girls were one of our favorite bands, or are rather.  The last time they offered up a 6 minute song (Hellhole Ratrace) it played non-stop.  Here, on “Vomit” they’ve clearly slowed things down, but the delivery of the vocal sounds remarkably similar to early works.  When the song bursts, you get a glimpse at the hard work the band’s done, crafting a much fuller sound, even with a bit of a sharp edge.  Surely we can expect great things when their new album, Father, Son, Holy Ghost, hits on September 13th via True Panther.


Download: Girls – Vomit [MP3]

Fun Fest Interview: Delorean

Funx3 Fest is now over and we can all make our collective sad face to show our displeasure towards the situation.  It was yet again a great weekend of music and fun was had by all.  Prior to the weekend, we had the chance to sit down with Spanish pop band Delorean and talk a bit about their band.  We spoke with band member Ekhi Lopetegi about the current state of his band and how they celebrated the Spanish victory this summer.  Follow the jump for full interview

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New Music from Girls

We’re always glad to hear something new coming from Girls.  They recently won new fans over at Austin City Limits, and now they’re releasing a new EP in order to give us even more.  The new EP is titled Broken Dreams Club, and it comes out on November 22ns via True Panther.  This single sees the band focusing less on their surf-ish sound, allowing Chris Owens to grab your heart with his vocals, which always have a nice little inflection for you to adore.  If this is their new direction, we’re getting pretty excited.  Give the new track a try.


Download: Girls – Heartbreaker [MP3]