Tunabunny Keep Kicking Out Jams

Clearly we’re on a Tunabunny kick, anxiously awaiting the arrival of their new album PCP Presents Alice in Wonderland Jr. This track continues to display the band’s diversity on this ambitious double LP from HHBTM, offering a casual croon over a minimal rock n’ roll vibe. But, just before the track hits the two minute mark, the vocals are stretched and the drums start pounding quicker, begging you to keep pace as the angular guitars lightly jump in and out of the closing moments. Look for a surprise hit for your year end list on June 23rd.

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Brand New Tunabunny Tune

You’d be excused if Tunabunny haven’t quite landed on your radar, but you’d also be missing out on one of indie rock’s special secrets. They’re set to release their 5th album, a 28 song double LP titled PCP Presents Alice in Wonderland Jr, hitting on June 23rd via HHBTM. Rumor has it that this is their response to the White Album, and our first listen should put you on notice that you’re in for a great ride. The subtle groove working beneath the track is sublime, but the vocals have this seductive sugar to it that allows the band to walk the fine line between artand pop sensibility. If you can’t find yourself falling head over heels for this tune, then I think your speakers are broken.

What’s in a Fest? An Interview with Athens Intensified

Athens BannerIt seems that every other day, someone has a festival going, especially here in Austin; there’s always something.  I’m okay with that, but over the last few years I’ve noticed a lot of small boutique festivals carving niches for themselves. With  this in mind, I was connected with Gordon Lamb, formerly one of the gents behind Athens PopFest, and now the founder of Athens Intensified.  The festival takes place in Athens, Georgia (not Greece) on September 11-13, with an extra date on September 20th to fit in The Egyptian Lover.  If you’re in the area and interested in going…tickets are HERE.  But, otherwise, it’s still a good read at the world of being a festival curator.  Thanks to Gordon for his time and to Mike for setting up the interview.
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Fuzzed Pop from Tunabunny

tunabunnyI love the feel of this new song from Tunabunny.  It’s this really dirty version of a whimsical pop song, brimming with this fuzzy coat atop of the song.  The vocals are soft and playful, but it’s hard to detach yourself from the dark craftsmanship of the track.  It perfectly illustrates an act that continues to grow and grow, releasing four albums in four years…a remarkable feat for any act.  Their latest is titled Kingdom Technology, and it should cement the band as an act that’s willing to grow in whatever manner suits their fancy without looking back with regret.  It’ll be out on April 22nd via HHBTM Records.


Download: Tunabunny – Different Jobs [MP3]