Enjoy New TV Sets Music

If you’re spending your day looking for infectious pop music that you won’t be able to turn away from, then look no further than this great TV Sets track. This tune has the exuberance of acts like the Drums, yet you’ll find a soft underbelly of dreamy pop featured too; it’s a textural touch that’s not often employed, but the execution is spot on here. I always appreciate finding uplifting music with hints of contemplation. It’s okay to get carried away with joy while listening to this track, and we expect much more when the band drop their Elsewhere EP this Friday.

Fall In Love With TV Sets

tv sets

Toronto band, TV Sets is pretty well under the radar as of now, but I’m a firm believer that that is about to change, as their lo-fi bedroom rock is full of hooks and allure. When I stumbled upon the track I have for you below, “So Fortunate,” I was immediately drawn in by the stripped production, jangly guitars, and far off vocals that this band has got going for them. This band put out their first EP last year, but they’ve got another one for you to listen to for free called Gen Pop, which includes this track as well as some other catchy numbers. Have a listen and get behind these up and comers.