Four New Music Videos You Should Peep

As we’re in the thick of spring, it seems like we’re approaching peak musical release time and, I know, sometimes it can be a little difficult to keep up with everything as it’s coming at you. Today, I’ve got three music videos that came out within the past week that you should watch/listen to, if you’re trying to stay relevant. They’re all a little different in terms of genre and style, but all worthy of your time, so strap in and let’s get rolling– check them out after the jump.

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Ne-HI Sign to Grand Jury

nehiThe Chicago scene is getting louder, at least it seems to have had a recent reemergence in the indie blogs, at least with the fandom of Twin Peaks…and now Ne-Hi. The group has just signed on to work with Grand Jury for their next release, and in the meantime, they’ve tossed up a new track to tease us until the record is done. While the song has a bit of a noisy blasting style, I think my favorite part is when the whole song pulls back around the 2 minute mark for a softer approach; it’s a nice dynamic that elevates the song. We’ll keep you posted on the band’s release going forward.

Here’s A New Twin Peaks Tunes

twinsIt’ll be interesting to hear the entirety of the new Twin Peaks album as a whole, as a collection. They seem to have been working different angles on all the singles we’ve heard thus far, and the newest carries on with slight musical twists. It sounds like a bit of Kurt Vile jamming with Real Estate, though I hear more of a barroom feel going on in the way the song is met with some tinkering piano. Their new album Down in Heaven is only a few weeks away, with a release on May 13th via Grand Jury…so we’ll finally get to hear how all these tracks fit in together.


Gotta Share A New Track From Twin Peaks

unnamed-35Your favorite group of youthful rambunctious rebel rousers from Chicago, Twin Peaks, have got a new single! It’s called “Butterfly” and it’s every bit as exciting as you’d expect from the group, while somehow waxing a little bit softer in the middle of the track. The song has got that grungey garage aesthetic that the band does so well, and features distorted guitars running rampant throughout. I’m quite impressed with the subtle percussion on this track as well, and the way the band switches it up a little in the middle to keep you interested.

Their newest and upcoming album, Down in Heaven, is out May 13th via Grand Jury. Get stoked.

Fresh Twin Peaks Tune

twinsBright and early in the morning, and a bright new track from Twin Peaks to kick it off. Listening, it’s got a lot of polish on it, yet you can still hear the energy in the band’s performance, be it the distant yelps and screams or the swagger that comes from the track. I still think the song will turn some people’s heads, as this definitely has a bit more of an adult feeling to it; bands are allowed to grow up, and while it may not be as gritty, it’s definitely good. Their new album, Down in Heaven will be out on May 13th via Grand Jury.


ATX Weekend Show Preview: Who Isn’t Playing In Austin?

ATX Popfest 10Nathan and I were commenting on the plethora of shows going down this weekend, so I figured it’d be nice to lay it all out night by night for you so you know where you need to be to hear the best tunes. I’ve got all your options broken up by days and if you play your cards right, it could be a weekend filled to the brim with great local and visiting acts. See for yourself after the jump and prep with some tunes… a few more hours and it’s the weekend!

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Show Preview: Twin Peaks @ Red 7 (6.4)


Date 06/04
Location Red 7
Doors 8:00pm
Tickets 12$ Here

Now, I know there are some good options as for show’s this Thursday night all around town, but if you’ve yet to see the crazy live energy that the boys of Twin Peaks from Chicago bring to the stage, then it’s time to head over to Red 7 for a night of dancing and jamming. If you’ve already seen ’em before, then you know what kind of a fun time you’re in for. Opening up for them are John Wesley Coleman and Modern Vices, the first of which will break things down with a little americana rock and the latter prepping you perfectly for Twin Peaks with a bit of lo-fi garage rock. Should be a great night.

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