Indie Darlings Twin Peaks Get Ready with New Track

unnamedThis new tune from Twin Peaks was all over the Internet yesterday, so I felt like I would give you a chance to revisit it today.  On my first few spins, I can definitely tell that there’s a change in the winds, whether that’s temporary or permanent will be the question. They had a ramshackle Replacements feel on Wild Onion, but now they seem to be emulating a more folk-influenced groove…it’s something sunnier from the Cali side of songwriting.  The song does close out with a bit of a distorted guitar solo giving it an extra punch. As of now, it’s just a one off as they prep for a tour, so enjoy it…and we’ll hold out to see what direction the band heads in the future.


Download: Twin Peaks – In The Morning (In The Evening) [MP3]

Twin Peaks Share New Video

twin peaks

If you’re still stuck at work, or you’ve already taken off for Turkey Day, rejoice, for your favorite gang of lovable dudes, Twin Peaks, have a new video for you. Start your day off with this short video for the song “Mind Frame,” which features the band taking turns, riding on some sweet hogs. We’ve loved this band long time, and this little video reminds me of the same kind of chill vibes that we enjoyed from them at their FFF Fest set.  It’s a carefree laid back kind of video– perfect for the band and a perfect way to start your day. Enjoy.


FFF Fest Interviews: Twin Peaks

6-twinpeaksIs Fun Fest really this weekend?  Hard to believe some major fun times (x3) are ahead on Friday.  You know the drill with ATH by now, we interview a lot of bands leading up to the festival to hopefully give you some nice reading material prior to the weekend.  Today we’re speaking with one of our top bands of the weekend, Chicago natives Twin peaks.  Follow the jump to see what these guys had to say.

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Top 13 Bands of FFF Fest

1112top5coverFun Fun Fun Fest snuck up on me quite a bit this year and it’s hard to believe that we are just one short week away from Austin’s best festival.  Good times will be had by all I’m sure and of course ATH is here to ensure that you will be aptly prepared for the weekend of fun.  Today we’re continuing our coverage of the fest with a look at 13 bands you definitely shouldn’t miss out on.  Why 13?  Because it’s Halloween and we’re cool.  Follow the jump for the list in no particular order.

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New Music from Honduras

hondurasI checked out this tune from Honduras, a band I have talked about previously, and it seems that they’re up to their catchy old tricks.  The band is crafting these crunchy guitar pop anthems, much like Nathan from Wavves was able to accomplish, though these songs seem to have a bit more focus…and perhaps slightly less of an edge.  It’s a version of the indie rock scene that puts them in line with their comrades Twin Peaks, who we know have made a big name for themselves this year.  Look for the band’s Break EP this coming November.

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Fresh Single from Twin Peaks

twinpeaksEven the press release from Twin Peaks acknowledges that the band bares no resemblance to the music of their television name sake, so don’t even expect something dark and gloomy.  What you will get from the minute you press play is a rambunctious sound, operating with a whole lot of swagger; this reminds me of the early stuff that Natural Child was pulling off. So, if you find yourself in the need of some bluesy guitar rock, then you’ll do well to jam to this new track from the band.  They’ll be releasing a new record, Wild Onion, on August 5th, preceded by a nice long tour, which includes a date in Austin on May 24th.

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Twin Peaks Offer New Tune

twinpeaksYou’ve got to appreciate a band with youthful exuberance, as that musical naivete allows for them to go their own direction.  Twin Peaks does just that with their latest single, incorporating various influences to create a hazy bit of guitar pop that’s sure to satisfy every listener.  Sure, the vocals could be just a touch cleaner, but I love the way the guitar lines seem to dance around, leading to the song’s abrupt ending.  The group’s album, Sunken, will pop up in stores on July 9th courtesy of Autumn Tone Records.  You’ll be pleased with yourself listening to this track.



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