Have You Listened to Typical Girls 3 & 4?

Few labels are out there putting their money where mouth is, talking of cultural change in the music industry. But then there’s Emotional Response, single-handedly guaranteeing that women in punk get all their deserved credit; they’re back again with their (by now famous) Typical Girls Volume 3 & 4…two LPs worth of female rock n’ roll in compilation form. Below we’ve got a tune from Japan’s C-3s off of Volume 4. There’s structural changes throughout the tune, some moments of early post-punk and other instances of swagger and aggressiveness. A few repeated listens and glorified hooks will emerge from the noisy commotion, and you’ll swoon over this release. The LPs are available now from the label!


Show Preview: Fear of Men @ Barracuda (7.23)

Fear of MenI’ve been anxiously awaiting this show for some time, knowing that the show we threw at SXSW with Fear of Men on the bill was just a slight tease…a musical appetizer if you will. They’ve recently released the stellar Fall Forever, building upon everything they exposed us to with Loom by adding extra layers and pushing those dreamy vocals. Pop fans have no other place to be but at Barracuda on Saturday night. The group will be joined by Puro Instinct and Typical Girls, so there’s even more reason to clamor for this evening. Grab tickets for $12 bucks right HERE.

Show Preview: Roses @ Barracuda – TONIGHT

Shivery Shakes

It’s Thursday night ya’ll…and that means, at least this time of year, time for you to get out and see a really great local show. Now, admittedly, two of the ATH Records bands, Rose Selavy and Shivery Shakes, are playing, but I’m not just pulling the homer card here. I really really enjoyed the Roses set on NYE this year. At times they had this indiepop feel, other times I felt a Kurt Vile vibe, both which I dig. Also, Typical Girls are making the drive in to bring their dreamy pop tracks to the stage as well. It sounds like a perfect night for all you pop fans; Doors are at 9 PM.