Tugboat Captain Share Day to Day

It’s a bummer that SXSW cancelled because I was really looking forward to catching Tugboat Captain around town. In fact, this was one of the early songs that caught my ear, though this version has been updated and built up with textured instrumentation and an additional vocal performant from Flirting’s Poppy Waring. This version’s really working for me today; it sounds like if the Spook School shunned their pop punk ways and fell in love with Stuart Murdoch…basically its like hyper-twee pop rock, and we’re all better that its out in the world. If you’re like me, and you’ve been piqued by the band’s work, then be on the lookout for Rut in October via Double A Side Records.

Striking New Tune From Arran George

It’s rare to find a song that really transfixes you and transports you away to somewhere else, but that’s just what this song “18 Wheeler” from Cumbria based artist Arran George is doing for me today. The tune is superb at combining a simple acoustic guitar with a bedroom pop approach and some subtle effects here and there. You can also find yourself getting totally lost near the end during the last 45 seconds or so of the song. It’s a stunner.

Arran George will feature this song on a new EP entitled Born Under a Pylon out later this year.


Driving Number From Pynch

As we all continue to push through more quarantine life this summer, it’s been fantastic for us music bloggers to keep receiving so much new music from artists working from home. Today we have this new tune called “Somebody Else” which was written and produced by songwriter Spencer Enock for his band Pynch. The tune definitely has a more lo-fi take on the garage rock genre of a band like The Strokes if their songs incorporated a more driving sound with epic progressions. As someone who typically looks for those solid and spell binding song progressions, this one is right up my alley.

“Somebody Else” is available on all streaming platforms now.

Raucous New Single From Home Counties

Bristol based band Home Counties may be a new name to you, though you likely knew them under their old moniker Haze. Now with a new name, the guys are debuting this ferocious and electrifying new single called “Redevelopment”. It features a nice melting pot of genres, seeing elements of jerky late 80s bands intertwined well with a more post-punk sound. Whatever label you want to slap on their sound, you have to admit that it is a truly unique and refreshing style. Stay tuned on more from these guys in the future as they release more music.

Fantastic New Song From Sorry

Well I have emerged from my week long hiatus and am back and ready to share some new tunes again. Today I’ve got this one called “As the Sun Sets” from London based upstarts Sorry. What I dig about this track is its effortless ability to meander between multiple genres like folk, pysch, and indie rock while sounding like a true opus of a song. Some of the sonic moments here truly special and mesmerizing.

Sorry will release their debut album 925 this Friday via Domino. Pre-orders are up now.

Super Catchy Number From Leeches

Happy hump day! Hopefully you are surviving yet another work week, and your guy RayRay is here to help you with your struggle. My new friends in Dorest based rock band LEECHES have this new song called “Fuerte Ventura” which should motivate you to get through this day. It’s a hook laden, psych rock number sure to inspire some head nodding and toe tapping. Also, love the rhythm section on this one, especially the drumming technique.

Leeches are planning to release one track a month until July 3rd when they will drop the entire collection as an album called Easy. That one is coming via Leisure Records.

New Ballad from Swampmeat Family Band

It’s strange to know that Swampmeat Family Band comes hails from the UK, as this song definitely sounds like it could have been made by any of my friends down here in Texas. Regardless of location, the song’s really strong in its craft; the guitar lines bend in all the right places, hanging out just to the left of the dial. There’s a familiarity in the vocals too, which should draw fans from all across the Americana genre; that entire really picks up as the song goes on too, building in some great vocal harmonizing that’s destined to hit its emotional mark in the listener. If you dig it, the band is making their way to SXSW this year, so come down and catch ’em.

European Sun Share the Future’s Female

Man, WIAIWYA is on an incredible roll these last few weeks; they just announced new Jeanines last week, and now we have European Sun. The band is comprised of Steve Miles and a bunch of friends, including the likes of Amelia Fletcher (Catenary Wires, Heavenly, etc) and Sarah Corrie (Velocette, Comet Gain). Unfortunately, the story behind the song’s first verse is a bit distressing, which Miles says he thought of while thinking upon his mother’s childhood; the message gets hidden beneath playfulness and dry humor, but the sentiment remains. For this reason, the John at WIAIWYA is sending folks to donate to Refuge, a center helping women and children fleeing domestic violence. You can also just skip the song and donate to a good cause HERE.

Seazoo Drop Brand New Pop Track

You ever have one of those bands you wish people understood the way you did? You whisper their name in every one’s ears, but in the end, you’re also totally cool to just adore the band on your own? Well, I’ve been pushing Seazoo on ya’ll since Trunks, and with a new album slated for Spring of 2020 you can bet that I’m already pushing that hype train. I love how the guitars on this new single have a slight bit of scuzzy shuffle, kind of like some of the stuff from Grandaddy. And, much like that outfit, the band are spinning this into a bright pop hit; I’m absolutely head over heels for the chorus on this number. I’m going to keep encouraging ya’ll to get on this…as they’re one of the more delightful pop acts kicking about.

Catchy Tune From Bull

In our never ending quest for high quality pop music to share with the world, it’s a sheer pleasure when we come across songs like “Love Goo”. The track comes by way of York based artist Bull, who have actually toured quite extensively, and even stopped in Austin for SXSW a couple of years ago. After first hearing this song, I was immediately drawn to its simplicity and sheer pop goodness. Seriously, how catchy is this song? I will warn you now, repeat plays will surely have this one stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

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