Real Banger From Table Scraps

Man when things get busy around here, they really get busy. I’ve been pushing through quite a hectic time with the ol real job recently, but I can always find some time to publish new rock n roll tunes. Today I’m back on the wagon with this real banging garage rock tune called “Sick of Me” from Birmingham, UK based band Table Scraps. This thing is basically a simple, straightforward rock number similar to something you might hear from Ty Segall or the like. You shall enjoy.

Table Scraps will release Autonomy on February 3rd via Zen Ten Records.

Pop Vibes from Onsind

The UK seems to have an abundance of great pop bands at the moment, so feel free to add Onsind to you list of hit-makers. This week the group announced that they’ll be working with Salinas Records in the US for the release of their new album, We Wilt, We Bloom. These opening guitar moments definitely kick off the track by building towards the guitar-monies before natural bounce of the song joins in with the vocals. You’re likely to have the line “misery, misery, misery loves company” stuck in your head a bit, but that’s a the good thing about pop music…leaving you with something to take with you. Look for the group’s new album in January of next year!

Banger From Oh Joy

Man of us here at ATH have a soft spot in our hearts for Irish bands and the incredible music they’ve created in the indie world. Make a quick search for something like Ireland, Irish, or Dublin and you’ll see what I’m talking about. My latest Dublin, Ireland obsession comes by way of this song “So Swell” from Oh Joy. It’s like some of the best rising bits of WWPJP clashed with the brooding moments of early 90s alternative rock. Sounds wild, but you will definitely enjoy yourself.

Some Post Punk From FEHM

Who’s in the mood for a little brooding, post-punk goodness? If that sounds like your sort of bag, you’d be wise to check out this new single “Human Age” from Leeds based group FEHM. It reminds me quite a bit of ATH friends Girls Names if they somehow got even more gloomy and dark. And hot damn, those vocals are truly epic.

FEHM will release this track as part of a digital single release available October 27th. Pre-order here.

Check Out Party Hardly

The Leeds outfit Party Hardly have garnered a lot of support from fellow rising stars over in the UK, which is how they came to our attention. They’re not a afraid to turn the guitars up loud, even as they let the notes dabble in dream pop qualities, giving the band a heavy edge that guarantees explosive performances in the live setting. I like the way the vocals were recorded too, hiding in the mix just enough to keep things balanced. Keep an eye on these lads, as they’re already a huge hit on the other side of the pond.

Impressive New Single From Kosmonaut

Very little is known about UK based band Kosmonaut, but I’m looking to change that as best I can by sharing their sweet tunes. Up for your listening pleasure today is this new single “Silver Star”. It reminds me of really early Colourmusic, meets the Smiths, meets 90s era folk rock. A bit of a long comparison I suppose… It will all make sense once you hit play and enjoy this stellar new tune.

Kosmonaut have their latest album Misfits on the Horizon for sale over on bandcamp right now.

Dark Bit of Post Rock from The Boxing

While the Boxing typically take on more psychedelic vibes, their new single goes in a slightly different direction, bringing in darkened corners and combining them with some of the last influences of Britpop. Guitars carry that sensation of drowning, angular and muffled. But, what really stood out to me is the pop-centric chorus, definitely allowing the band to walk the fine line of their various influences. I don’t know, maybe that’s my wishful thinking, trying to superimpose Britpop’s revival on these lads. Whatever the case, it’s a solid jam for a Wednesday.

Have You Heard Why No?

Sometimes you come across a tune that just feels right, that just makes the day ahead slightly better. For me, today’s tune is from upcoming UK act Why No?. Guitars carefully open up the tune before you’re brought into the chilled out swagger the band offers. You can hear little surfy elements, but overall, the carefree styling is what really hits home for me; there’s not a care in the world when you’re letting this song wash over you through your speakers. The band are working on a new release, and we’ll hopefully have more news on that for you in the coming weeks, but for now, try not to let that smile hit you too hard.

Striking Song from The Golden Dregs

Art Is Hard Records continues their run of great hits with their 2017 Postcard Series by releasing this stellar tune from The Golden Dregs. This song hits somewhere in the realm of Bill Callahan or Silver Jews, yet it definitely has its own story to tell. The deep tones of the vocals drew me in immediately, followed by impacting lines like “I wish that I was sacred/I wish that I was right.” The only thing that bums me out about this song is that there’s just one, as I could easily let my day get carried away listening to this band.

Shoegaze Vibes from Colour of Spring

I’m always going to fall in love with a song that has a sparkling shimmer on the back of a chord as it washes over the front of the mix, and this tune from Colour of Spring is no exception. While the song always seems on the verge of exploding, the band manage to hold that back until the back end of the tune, allowing for an increased bit of tension that draws listeners into the song. I appreciate that they never turn their back from the innate pop qualities that lurk within, and with that attitude, I have high hopes for their self-titled EP on June 23rd via House of Love.

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