New Jam from Stalking Horse

There wasn’t a lot of music out there this weekend, so I figured I would scour Bandcamp to see what gems I could find floating about.  Stalking Horse is an UK outfit, and I’ve really been digging listening to their album Specters on this sunny afternoon.  For some reason, I want to lump these guys in with the traditional Brit-pop moments, as they definitely have the feel of the brighter side of Supergrass.  It might not be for everyone, but I know that I’ve definitely got my eye on these guys. Try it out: it might just be up your alley.


Download:Stalking Horse – Heathen Head, Howling Heart [MP3]

More Straight-forward Rock from Tribes

A short while ago we hooked you up with a jam from Tribes, the UK band who’re expected to blow up in the States pretty soon.  On March 13th the band will release their record, Baby, state-side, and I’m sure it’s going to be a polarizing ordeal.  The band stakes their claim to a no-frills rock n’ roll approach, just blasting out the jams like we all secretly want.  In listening to this song, part of me wants is singing along, tapping my feet; the other part of me is worried it’s going to get panned because it is so gimmick free. I think it’s tasty, I think it’s fun: you be the the judge!


Download:Tribes – Whenever [MP3]

New Rock from Tribes

Man, you’ve got to love it when a band throws caution to the wind and actually goes into the studio without a bunch of pre-programmed tracks to build on.  This is just such the case with UK outfit Tribes, who’ve just released their We Were Children EP, which is the precursor to their album, Baby, which should make its way over here in January.  From the get go, it’s got a bit of that off-kilter warble that you might remember from early Wolf Parade tracks.  Still, they have a gentler side that you’ll find a bit further along in the track, which is where they stay for the most part in the remainder of the song.  All in all, there’s definitely a bright side to this offering, so check it.


Download: Tribes – We Were Children [MP3]

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