Light Pop from Far Caspian

I’m a sucker for little guitar notes that add some pep to my step…and the lads in Far Caspian are doing just that. They offer a brand of guitar pop, bordering on moving into the dream pop region with the effects that shine in the mix. But, it’s not all about the beat here, as the group have a really strong vocal presence. It’s gentle, and emphatic where needed, but never really reaching for the top…I like a voice that knows when you can just sit down and chill in the middle of the goings-on. Go ahead, enjoy yourself.

New Music from Corasandel

Corasandel is a UK outfit, stretching the expectations of what we define as shoegaze or dream pop. Today they drop their latest single, with two new tunes that show the band branching out into the distant regions of the shoegaze galaxy. Some of the guitar notes are easily set in that box, while some of the more elegant work gives an almost folk vision to the tune. The more I sit back and listen, the more I start to see some similarities with the Clientele, crafting these atmospheric post-rock songs that your body slowly absorbs. If you’re interested, grab the single HERE.

Chorusgirl Prep New LP

Chorusgirl needn’t do too much to persuade me to come back for repeated listens, but the band have unleashed a brilliant pop tune this week to announce their new album. It jumps off almost like a brooding bit of jangle, before settling into a calming bounce to reinforce the vocals. Suddenly, guitar lines get sharper and the percussion is tight as can be, giving way to a catchy bounce that’s hard to ignore. The band even play upon that hook as the vocals move forward, giving into the vibes of classic girl group harmonies. The band will released Shimmer and Spin to rave reviews on November 16th.

Punky Number from M. Rutt

I have little knowledge of M. Rutt other than the below little jam. I know that the band has, at one time, employed members of Freak Genes, likely meaning they’re based in the UK. That this single is associated with Nerve Centre Records is another factor aligning with that supposition. As for the song, it’s a riotous blast of energetic punk rock. There’s an anthemic chorus, if you can even call the repeated call of “take take take” a proper chorus. The tune shatters and shakes and then it wraps up. I might not know much, but I know I love a good rock n’ roll jam.

Enjoy Slowcore from Gladness

There’s so many people releasing albums nowadays that your’e likely to let something delicious slip by you. Such was the case when a friend sent me the recent EP from UK outfit, Gladness; I’ve been jamming their Limbo EP pretty steadily for the last few hours. As mentioned above, there’s a definite element of slowcore at play, akin to recent New Year stuff, but with that said, there’s a touch of the more modern in it. The guitars are a bit more crisp, and the vocals when used, hide deep inside the mix like an additional instrument meant to affect your mood. Maybe its up your alley?

Charmed Indiepop from Lost Ships

Recently a lot of the indiepop fans have been whispering, carefully, about Lost Ships. It’s no surprise then that the band drop a gorgeous 4 track EP that you’ll all soon be clamoring for. I’m about four listens through, and I alternately switch reference points between The Lodger and The Lucksmiths. Some of the guitar work is sharp and angular, almost dance-worthy, but then you take a track like “Rose Sings the Big Tunes” and you’ll find it hard not to nod towards the Lucksmiths. Their Best Laid Plans EP is a wonderful way to pass the time, and, like me, you’ll feel charmed that these are out there in the world.

Punchy Pop from Adults

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from UK outfit, Adults. But, I’m here to rectify that as the group just released an excellent cassette titled The Weekend Was Always Almost Over. One of my favorite things about the group is the way they use the juxtaposed male/female vocals to gift you brilliant ear candy; it’s not all saccharine though, as you’ll hear fuzzed out riffs blasting throughout the nine tracks jamming below. It’s a collection of songs that meets somewhere in the middle of Comet Gain and Los Campesinos…not a bad way to get your day started.

Brand New Gorgeous Bully

Gorgeous Bully have long been on our radar over here at ATH, and when they dropped this new single we, of course, had to get it up. I love the guitar sound that immediately jumps in; it’s heavy and foreboding, with just a hint of harmony…akin to some of the late moments when Sonic Youth took a stab at pop sensibility. The vocals stand back just a bit in the mix with a coat of distortion atop, giving a touch of grit to the song’s presentation. And as always is the case with the band, there’s no shying away from melody, ingraining the track in your head. They’ll be releasing Closure via Breakfast Records real soon!

Enjoying This New Active Strange

I’ve been writing about Acting Strange for quite some time, probably since the band’s inception, so why stop now…especially when I’m getting emails about Awolnation. This tune is a pretty simple pop ballad, with just enough sugary hooks to keep my ears attentive. It has some slight similarities to Mystery Jets, especially the way the vocals dictate the song’s natural cadence. Plus, as the song moves into the chorus, there’s this grand swelling, then the melody is dropped right on top of you. As of now, the band looks to be in the studio working on their follow-up to their 2017 album, Talk Talk Talk.

Upbeat Number from Talent Show

A friend turned me onto this great new tune from Talent Show this week, and I figured it only works if I return the favor and return it your way. Once you press play you’re rushed right into the track, with the every instrument rushing for the finish line at the song’s end. But, what I find completely interesting about the track is that in some way the vocals of James Hewiston have an odd similarity to Damon Albarn; they sort of seem to hang out there indifferent to the music surrounding them.

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