Brand New Gorgeous Bully

Gorgeous Bully have long been on our radar over here at ATH, and when they dropped this new single we, of course, had to get it up. I love the guitar sound that immediately jumps in; it’s heavy and foreboding, with just a hint of harmony…akin to some of the late moments when Sonic Youth took a stab at pop sensibility. The vocals stand back just a bit in the mix with a coat of distortion atop, giving a touch of grit to the song’s presentation. And as always is the case with the band, there’s no shying away from melody, ingraining the track in your head. They’ll be releasing Closure via Breakfast Records real soon!

Enjoying This New Active Strange

I’ve been writing about Acting Strange for quite some time, probably since the band’s inception, so why stop now…especially when I’m getting emails about Awolnation. This tune is a pretty simple pop ballad, with just enough sugary hooks to keep my ears attentive. It has some slight similarities to Mystery Jets, especially the way the vocals dictate the song’s natural cadence. Plus, as the song moves into the chorus, there’s this grand swelling, then the melody is dropped right on top of you. As of now, the band looks to be in the studio working on their follow-up to their 2017 album, Talk Talk Talk.

Upbeat Number from Talent Show

A friend turned me onto this great new tune from Talent Show this week, and I figured it only works if I return the favor and return it your way. Once you press play you’re rushed right into the track, with the every instrument rushing for the finish line at the song’s end. But, what I find completely interesting about the track is that in some way the vocals of James Hewiston have an odd similarity to Damon Albarn; they sort of seem to hang out there indifferent to the music surrounding them.

Red Red Eyes Release New Single and Video

The more time one spends with Red Red Eyes, the more you’ll find that their music is inescapable. It has this ethereal quality; it’s pop music that allows you to move beyond your immediate listening experience. Laura’s voice has this ghostly beauty to it, and the percussion is precise and light, never once detracting from the natural melody. In the cinematic version of the song, our protagonist seems to be on the search for something, milling about town from shop to shop; that feeling of search seems fitting, as I can’t help but let my mind wander in its own search while this song plays on loops in my ears. The group’s excellent Horology LP will be released on May 18th via the esteemed WIAIWYA.

Love This New PLAZA Single

Sometimes when you think bands no longer know how to rock, you come across a song like this new one from PLAZA, and you’re faith in rock is restored. Though “In the Know” does start as a fairly straightforward, chill indie song, it erupts into a more guitar driven rock song about 1 minute in. It reminds of a band like Super Furry Animals who also can lure you in with a mellow jam with the listener never really knowing when the next rising action may come. Prepare yourself for greatness.

PLAZA recently signed to Clue Records and are currently working on more new material.

Enjoy This New Ice Baths Tune

Ice Baths definitely fit in the realm of any post-genre; there’s elements of post-punk or post-rock, but for me, they’re stretching out those styles. This latest single has those sharp guitar chords that ring discordantly while the rhythm section plods along; the vocals hang in the air, patiently. Then there’s a slight uptick in the energy, almost revealing psychedelic influences; they perhaps owe more to this genre than they’d like to admit, stretching the song beyond expected limits. Their debut album will drop on May 11th via Blank Editions.

Have a New Headclouds Hit

UK acts Headclouds just dropped this sugary guitar pop number, built to maximize your energy today. My favorite part, aside from the obvious vocal hooks, is present from the very start; you can hear a squealing guitar ring out, and it jumps in and out of the song. When it recedes you’re left with the playful vocal delivery where syllables are stretched out to employ pop sensibility throughout, especially in the chorus. It’s just one of those pop songs that warms you, makes you feel better about turning the volume way up. As of now, it’s just a one-off single, but we’ll keep you posted on future releases.


Real Banger From Table Scraps

Man when things get busy around here, they really get busy. I’ve been pushing through quite a hectic time with the ol real job recently, but I can always find some time to publish new rock n roll tunes. Today I’m back on the wagon with this real banging garage rock tune called “Sick of Me” from Birmingham, UK based band Table Scraps. This thing is basically a simple, straightforward rock number similar to something you might hear from Ty Segall or the like. You shall enjoy.

Table Scraps will release Autonomy on February 3rd via Zen Ten Records.

Pop Vibes from Onsind

The UK seems to have an abundance of great pop bands at the moment, so feel free to add Onsind to you list of hit-makers. This week the group announced that they’ll be working with Salinas Records in the US for the release of their new album, We Wilt, We Bloom. These opening guitar moments definitely kick off the track by building towards the guitar-monies before natural bounce of the song joins in with the vocals. You’re likely to have the line “misery, misery, misery loves company” stuck in your head a bit, but that’s a the good thing about pop music…leaving you with something to take with you. Look for the group’s new album in January of next year!

Banger From Oh Joy

Man of us here at ATH have a soft spot in our hearts for Irish bands and the incredible music they’ve created in the indie world. Make a quick search for something like Ireland, Irish, or Dublin and you’ll see what I’m talking about. My latest Dublin, Ireland obsession comes by way of this song “So Swell” from Oh Joy. It’s like some of the best rising bits of WWPJP clashed with the brooding moments of early 90s alternative rock. Sounds wild, but you will definitely enjoy yourself.

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