Meet Boys Forever, Will Ya

boysNot going to claim any skills in finding this track, as it was pointed out to me by our friends over at Slumberland Records; Boys Forever is a new project from Patrick of Veronica Falls. One of the songs just went up yesterday, and embarks on the pristine side of pop that one would expect a member of VF to be a part of…and one can also imagine more quality as this is merely a home demo. But, don’t just sleep on the newest track, as the previously released tune is just as tasty, though a slightly approach. You’ll best be served if you don’t sleep on this project. I put both songs below…convenience and such.

Dark New Tunes from Broken Water

Our friends over at Hardly Art currently have a dark soul brooding in their catalogue.  Be it Grave Babies, K-Holes or this band, Broken Water, it’s clear that there’s a love for the dark underbelly of rock n’ roll.  BW has their latest album, Tempest, coming out via the label on May 29th, and we’ve really been enjoying the jams they’ve already released.  This one’s got a classic alternative rock sound attached to it, at least in terms of the song’s construction, but with hazier vocals, you get this feeling of being surrounded by angsty music-goers in some darkened concrete venue; don’t lie to yourself, you love those places, so you’ll love this jam.


Download:Broken Water – Underground [MP3]