Catchy Pop from The Monolators

I can’t help it, but I love tunes with a bit of twee, especially if the lyrics are love related in some way; I’m a sucker.  Why does that matter you ask? Well, we just got sent this great new record from The Monolators, which is mostly a compilation of the band’s favorite tunes they’ve recorded over the last ten years.  The collection is called Ten Years of Tears, and it’s coming out via cassette on the new label, Vanity Projects, which is run by Geoff from So Many Wizards (a group we totally dig).  Listening to the selection, it really reminds me of a more focused Comet Gain…and that’s really all you need to know in order to fall in love.  If you love it, then you can pre-order it HERE.


Download: The Monolators – I Was a Captain in the Army [MP3]


New Electro-pop From Crown Plaza

It’s clear that ATH has been big fans of So Many Wizards since first posting some of their sweet shoegaze style tunes over a year ago.  Try searching the band’s name if you don’t believe this guy… Today we have a new song, not from Wizards, but rather a solo project called Crown Plaza from Wizards frontman Nima Kazerouni.  The song is a bit more of a simple electronic style, as it features an easy to get into beat with some heartfelt vocals fitting in nicely over top.  If you’re into it, you can stream a full new EP of material from Crown Plaza over on Soundcloud, or purchase a copy on September 8th from Vanity Projects.


Download: Crown Plaza – Reactor (Chem Waves Volume 1) [MP3]