Vansire Return With a Hit

When Minnesota based Vansire release a new song, you can be sure the ATH boys will be posting it. What’s most impressive to me, is how the band can manage to reinvent themselves in the dream pop genre with each and every song they send us. Take for example this new single “Halcyon” which brings more of a Mac Demarco meets chillwave vibe to it. I can assure you this band will continue to gain popularity and will be a household name in the indie world soon. When’s that full length dropping dudes?

New Music from Vansire

Those of you longing for that void left by early Animal Collective might find something appealing in the craftwork of Vansire, though the tunes are a little bit more subtle. Just imagine that you, like all folks, have grown older, and traded it in heavy beeps for dreamier notes; you’re going to easily let these musical notes float about your office or your home today. Take the trade and you’ll find this melodic jauntlurking in every corner of your day today. It’s just a new single, but let’s hope these Minnesotans keep up the good vibes.

Stream New EP From Vansire

Minnesota based dream pop group Vansire is really becoming a mainstay here on ATH. We’ve been enjoying the few songs the guys have shared with us and dig their unique take on the dream pop genre. Today the gents have been kind enough to share with us a full stream of their brand new EP entitled The Rolling, Driftless North. I’m not sure how this band isn’t being talked about on all the major sites, but they certainly deserve to be a household name with tunes like these. Enjoy.

Download this EP for free over on bandcamp.

Lovely New Song From Vansire

Nate Dog gave you guys a tune from Minnesota based dream pop group Vansire back in January and I’m pleased today to be bringing another one of their songs. This one is called “Driftless” and I think you’ll find that the song title is a perfect descriptor of the tune. It sort of meanders a little bit as you drift off into the delight of the jangly pop sounds. I dig it.

Vansire will be bringing you a new EP at the end of the month. Say hi to them on Facebook.

Dream Pop from Vansire

vansireIt only took a matter of seconds for me to get hooked on this song from Vansire; it was the hanging jangle hook of the guitars sitting atop a carefully picked additional guitar. When the vocals entered, it took a slightly warmer turn, though the bubbling groove and steadying drums left me with a sense of longing. I hear bits of the sunny dream pop that The Drums kicked out, though this song has a more calming feel to it, which I think anyone will find appealing whilst sipping on a cold drink during the summer. As of yet, no word on a full album or EP, but you can enjoy this song as many times as you like.