Stream the New Velcro Album

velcroIn case you didn’t hear how happy we were to help with the Ocean Party LP last year…we were, we really were. But, the long story is that I came to the band by way of Curtis W, the man behind Velcro, and one of the core members of OP. He just put up his new self-titled LP, and I think it’s a good bit of tunes to help you see where his songwriting comes from/goes. I think I’m currently stuck on the slight jangle of “Bed Ridden 2.” But, for you newcomers, or fans of Aussie pop, you can currently grab the album for NYOP…though we always encourage dollars going to the bands. Sweet streams.

New Music from The Ocean Party

theoceanpartyMy affair with The Ocean Party comes via my adoration with Velcro; both bands share member/guitarist, Curtis Wakeling.  The group is gearing up to release their next album, Split, which will feature a more shared role in the songwriting duties for all members of the band.  Just listen to the way the guitar chords wrap themselves around the vocals on this first single, “Split.”  There’s a subtlety to the track, breathing beautiful guitar-monies throughout the tune.  I’m excited to hear the whole effort, as I’d like to see what the rest of the band bring to the table.  Guess we’ll all find out on September 27th, the release date, but for now, this’ll do.

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New Music from Velcro

velcroI feel like it’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything from our friends in Velcro, but I know they’re always keeping busy writing, so I’m happy to share this new track with you.  It’s a down-trodden tone, gently drifting along with heavy toned vocals and light guitar work.  I like the fact that they get the most out of simple structures, creating an alluring emotional appeal.  This track is a teaser for an upcoming compilation that the band is putting together for Osborne Again Music.  We’ll keep you posted on that as more details unfold.


Download: Velcro – Rise [MP3]

More New Music from Velcro

30916641-1I love bands who work hard to perfect their sound.  In doing so, that usually benefits us, as we get song after song of a band making their way in the musical world.  One of my favorite acts working their way up the ladder is Velcro.  It seems like they’ve always got a tune to release, and I think “Bottle Shop” really finds the band making their home.  The pace of the track is slow, with Curtis taking the stage early with his vocals being placed atop gently progressing guitar chords.  Then a female counterpart softly joins him just before the track fades out.  If you love what these guys are doing, and I do, then keep an eye out as they’ll have a new full-length coming to you later this year.


Download: Velcro – Bottle Shop [MP3]

New Jam from Velcro

715679295-1You people need to really turn your ears towards Velcro.  I’ve raved about the Australian group for some time on these pages, but with the new Budding Teens EP set to be released via Terroir Editions, things are definitely shaping up to be huge.  There’s a casual wayward twanging guitar, and the vocals have this relaxed vibe to them.  But, like all things Velcro, it sticks in your head so quickly, and then its gone, forcing you to play the track over and over again.  That’s not a bad thing now is it?  Just go browse through the Velcro greatness, and enjoy one of my favorite acts that I wish more people knew about!


Download: Velcro – Bong Lion [MP3]

Chilled Out Tune from The Ocean Party

You’ve heard me rave about Velcro for a few months now, but the members working on that project also dabble in another great group called The Ocean Party.  Curtis, a member of both groups, reached out to us with the band’s latest single, In A Knot.  It’s a mellowed out four song-single, which the band are currently offering up for free download, though you can purchase the single via CD. It’s precisely the chilled out pop music I’ve come to expect from the heavy-hitters in Australia featuring gently gliding guitar lines, cool melodies and real world lyrics. You can expect a full-length titled Social Clubs to come from the band in October, but for now, enjoy this gem.


Download:The Ocean Party – In A Knot [MP3]

New Jam (and tape) from Velcro

A few weeks back my friend Guy from Chapter Music turned me on to Velcro, a Melbourne band that I really dug.  They’ve just released a new tape overseas, and the lead track is pretty solid; I’ve been jamming to it all this afternoon.  They’ve also seemingly tossed it up for free on their BANDCAMP page, so you have the right to enjoy it, just in case you’re not into ordering tapes from abroad.  Regardless, these guys are really warming me over with their mellow affected pop tunes, and I have a feeling that it’s only a matter time before the rest of the world gets to see the talent laying in wait.


Download:Velcro – One Day [MP3]

Introducing You to Velcro!

When we hung out with Twerps the other night, their bosses so to speak, Chapter Music, suggested we get to familiarize ourselves with Velcro, the next big thing to come out of Australia.  The Melbourne group has released two EPs already this year, with my favorite being the first, Highest View.  There’s elements of bedroom electronic pop that they experiment with (fleshed out on their later EP Inadequate Lover) on the track featured below, but I like the innocence the song takes on in its simplicity; it gives you that endearing emotional appeal that a lot of bands seem to short for nowadays.  The rest of their brief catalogue sounds a bit like a Calvin Johnson meeting Diamond Rings in a sunny place.  Familiarize yourself with the band by checking out their BANDCAMP page (free EPs!!!), and then keep an eye out for more great things from the group.


Download:Velcro – Curfew [MP3]