New Single from Veronica Falls

vfVeronica Falls is one of the great stable acts of Slumberland Records; they’ve only improved (immensely) as they’ve matured.  They’ve just recorded a brand new single for their upcoming tour, which unfortunately doesn’t include any dates Stateside…we can always hold out hope. Honestly, this new single is probably the best thing the group has written to date, and that says a lot considering how special I think Waiting for Something to Happen (Feb 2013) truly is. If you need a catchy tune with some bounce then you better spend some quality time with this tune.  Thanks to IPSML for the heads up.

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More New Music from Veronica Falls

Honestly, I’ve had my hands on the new Veronica Falls album for a few weeks, and I can’t tell you how much the band has progressed since their first self-titled release.  The melodies are tightly woven and the vocals are simply intoxicating…and that’s on every single track.  You can put all preconceived notions aside, as this record sounds so much brighter than the previous effort.  Waiting for Something to Happen is just around the corner with Slumberland Records slated to release the tune on February 12th.  I have faith that this entire listen won’t let down a single fan, and should award the group many new adoring listeners.



Veronica Falls Gets Smooth

Veronica Falls was one of my absolute favorite sets from SxSW 2011. The band continues to trickle songs out to the world, the latest an offering is plugged-in below from their Souncloud page.

Waiting For Something To Happen lands via Slumberland in the USA on Valentine’s Day 2013. This song, “Teenage”, is very refined and beachy. It isn’t quite as hollow and jangly as early tracks. I love it, nice breakdown as the song let’s you off easy. This is the song made to finish a show.

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New(ish) Tunes from Veronica Falls

After releasing their self-titled album on Slumberland Records last fall, Veronica Falls was quick to return to the fold, still rocking out with the same label.  In quick succession they’ve turned around to complete a new 7″, which you can pick up right HERE.  It’s definitely got that 90s pop nostalgia, with brightly swirling guitars and a vocal performance (both male and female) that’s youthful and relaxed.  These are the kind of songs that made us fall in love with the group, so give the band a chance to warm your heart.


Download: Veronica Falls – My Heart Beats [MP3]

New Music from Veronica Falls

It seems like Slumberland Records is intent on signing all the great bands in the world; I expect a Celebrity Death Match between them and Captured Tracks soon.  They just announced today that they’ll be releasing the debut record from Veronica Falls on September 20th.  The label has even been kind enough to offer up a free download of “Come On Over” for every one to sample.  This track sort of begins with a trickle, jangling guitars and all, but then it jumps off with banging drums and faster guitars.  Female vocals soon enter to provide a dream-state that will accompany listeners through the rest of the song.  It’s a pretty promising single, so let’s all get excited about Veronica Falls.


Download: Veronica Falls – Come On Over [MP3]

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