Another Gem from Line and Circle

Line & Circle might just be one of the best pop groups around, and it feels like they’re just getting started. This new single seems to be their most mature number, demonstrating the careful work that went into the recording…guitars running circles around your ears, cascading in the distance while the natural melody warms you to your core. It’s the sort of pop that’s not made too often, made for longevity in one’s record collection, not quickly discarded hooks. The group will be releasing Vicious Folly on December 1st (Grand Gallop), with a guarantee of pop music you can revisit for the rest of your times.

Enjoy Line & Circle

Once the new single from Line & Circle settles into itself, the guitars create this circular jangle that rings and reverberates in step with the percussion. It sets the scene for the vocals to come, entering like the ghost of Matt Berninger, though there’s a bit more urgency in the delivery. I’m particularly attracted to the chorus, letting the notes soar as the pace picks up ever so slightly. The LA-based group will be releasing their new collection of songs, Vicious Folly EP, on December 1st, just in time for you to add it to your various year end lists.